Friday, April 28, 2006

Pilot Visits

Yesterday our friend, Alvin Tung came to join us for lunch. Khong Jin followed along too. He has been away for so long. Alvin has just graduated from the MAS Flying Acedamy (I think that's the name for it) and he'll be start working (or flying) on May 5th. How cool is that!

Collins went to other place to eat as he was not feeling well. Gilbert did not join us (Me, Sharon, Chin, Alvin & Khong Jin) for lunch too. So we went to KFC to try out the new recipe. All of us ordered the Chicken Chop Set except for Khong Jin. He ordered the 2 pieces chicken set. I think he always cannot control, want to be the SPECIAL one. Haha!
It's finger lickin' good
After lunch we went outside KLCC to take some shots with Alvin. By the time we went back to the office we were about 15 minutes late. Khong Jin said that if anything happen just mention his name to our supervisor.
L-R: Chin, Alvin, Sharon, Me, Khong Jin
I was chatting with Lee Peng in MSN and when she saw the picture in my display. She said that five of us (4 guys with the girl in the middle) look like F4 and Shan Chai from the Taiwanese drama show, Meteor Garden. Haha. So what do you think?
L-R: Vic, Ken, S, Vaness, Jerry
After work at 7pm, Chin, Sharon and I went MidValley to get a birthday gift to our colleague as this coming Saturday is her big day. After walking and wandering from Ground floor to the Third floor, we finally found something for her. Hopefully Chui Ling will like it! =)
Meanwhile, there was a fashion show event going on the centre court. Didn't really see it because too many people were blocking the view. So just took a shot of it.

Reached home around 9.30pm. Had dinner, bathed, onlined then Zzz...


s0hp0h said...

lol.. wah so fast graduate n can work d ah him.. envy... u on blog roll or something?? suddenly blog so much..

Jimmy said...

he syok la. saw his frenster pic? took pic in the plane in front of KLCC! syok~~
haha. lately i curi2 blog in office ma. so got time lo :p

s0hp0h said...

haha yealo.. so FUN.. keke KLCC eh.. ajaja..icic.. multitasking ah.. can blog summore.. hehe