Friday, December 01, 2006

Day 1 at Pangkor

ON Wednesday morning, went to Puduraya to board the 8.30 am bus to Lumut. The bus journey took 4 hours to reach there. Met up with Bee Li, Han Chee and their friends at the ferry terminal. 5 girls and only 2 guys in the trip. The ferry took us about 40 minutes from the jetty to Pangkor town.

The new Lumut jetty, part of it are still under going construction

Inside the ferry

Upon reaching Pangkor, there were people came to us and asked if we needed to rent motorcycles or cars. Well, we didn't want to rent at that time until we found a place to stay. From the jetty, we took the taxi (more like a van) to our chalet at the Nipah Bay.
The pink taxi
The place we stayed is Suria Beach Resort. It is at the other side of the island from where we got down the jetty. We took a big room, with 5 beds. Air-conditioned, attached bathroom with 3 showers and it only costs RM90 for that room.

Inside the room
After checking in the room and getting ourself ready, we went for lunch nearby. Then they went to rent 2 motorcycles and a scooter. It is easier to travel around in the island with that.
Bee Li and her friend, Alans

However for someone who doesn't have a motorcycle licence and doesn't how to ride a motorcyles like me, it's abit susah and troublesome. Whenever we were going to some places, somebody would have to come back for the second time to fetch me. Lucky that Pangkor is not a very big island.

After lunch, Bee Li and her friend went to look for their friend on the other part of the island. And the rest of us went to Fu Lin Gong. It is a chinese temple and there is a big rock on the above it where you can climb up to take some photos and enjoy the view overlooking the sea. There is also a mini Great Wall of China.
Entrance of Fu Lin Gong
"Look, the fish so big!"
View from the top

Great Wall of China Pangkor
We took some pictures at there.
Let's sit a-round

Blur shot. Cameraman over excited I guess

Pangkor houses and the Peninsular Malaysia at the back

Me with Han Chee and her friends
Between the big rocks
Bee Li's aunt wanted to have a BBQ session for us but it was cancelled on the last minute. A friend of Han Chee staying in Pangkor brought us to eat asam laksa nearby. Then we follow Han Chee to her aunt house for a short while. We then headed back to Nipah Bay as the sky was getting dark.
The place we had our asam laksa

Motorcycle is the best way to travel around

Housing area of Pangkor
A drama happened while we were heading back to our chalet.
The road on Pangkor was steppy as it has many mountains. A friend of Han Chee was fetched me on her motorcycle and when we were going up the hill the motorcycle was moving very slow. I jumped down from the motorcycle and started pushing it from the back and then hopped back to the seat. The other friends who were riding behind us saw it and couldn't stop laughing.

What was amazing is that, the friend who fetched me didn't know what was happened until we told her when we reached our chalets. I thought she knew about it.
Took a nice shower when back to the room. Bee Li and Alans came back abit later. They had their dinner at the Bogak Bay.
At night, went for a walk along the beach. We stayed there and played the swing, chit chat then went for supper at a stall nearby. Ordered an ikan bakar but it wasn't that delicious from those I tasted before.
The girls on the big swing
The whole group of us
On the next day...

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