Sunday, December 10, 2006

Satur-Day Out

I was sleeping till 11am yesterday when Nicholas called me to go out for gai gai. Met him at the Hang Tuah Station at 11.45am. First we went to Times Square. Then he suddenly remembered that he had to go Kelly Services to settle his EPF stuff.
Took the monorail to Raja Chulan Station. Nicholas had a trouble getting out of the exit gate as his Touch'N'Go value was less than RM5. He called for assistance and according to the station staff. He must have at least RM5 value balance to use the Touch'N'Go service on the monorail. What logic is that?!
The Lego display at Times Square

Anyway, after Nicholas had settled his stuff, we walked to the Pizza Hut at Jalan Sultan Ismail to have our lunch. We ordered the 4-in-1 festive combo for two person. It comes with the pizza, fizzy jelly drinks, a mango pudding, breadsticks and chicken soups. It was full. And I like it. I like pizza =)

Next, we went to Low Yat Plaza. Checked out some computer harware prices for Bee Li. She and Han Chee are going to buy a PC when they come to KL next two weeks. Asked different shops for the prices and at the same time I did learn many things from it.
However after comparing the prices, the graphic card that she wants is much more cheaper in Singapore. Maybe we'll get that in Singapore during the Christmas time.

Played Daytona in the arcade with Nicholas. I lost at the very last minute!!! Aiks..

Met Xian Boon and Bee Kee in Sg Wang. Bee Kee wanted to get a notebook and Xian Boon found two packages with interesting prices and specs. One is Compaq and the other is Fujitsu. Their specs and price are almost the same except that Compaq is using Intel and Fujitsu using an AMD.
After asking Nicholas and my opinion, we think that getting the Fujitsu is better!

On that day, there was a Digi Feast held outside Low Yat Plaza. Stalls and games were being set up. One guy asked us to join the paintball game, for free! But we didn't want to trouble ourself so Nicholas and I just walked and see around. Took some pics.
Digi Feast
The yellow man from Digi ad
Walk around, up and down at Sg Wang. There were alot of people as usual. Had a drink in one cafe where it also has the in-line skating just started not long ago. RM12 for unlimited hour.
Christmas trees @ Sg Wang
At about 7.30pm we went to Starhill Gallery. On the way there saw an Australian guy doing a fire performance. It was for the charity. After the performance a guy came to collect some donation. As usual, most of the crowd just walked away and disappeared. Nicholas gave him some money.
Before going to Starhill, we stopped at BB Plaza to have a look at the christmas decoration inside. While I was sitting on the stage filled with the decoration. One Ah-Ma guard came to say: "Hello? Don't sit here pliss. Want to sit, can go to Coffee Bean and sit."
BB Plaza Concourse Area
That's Nicholas on the BIG Swan
First thing that we did when arrived in Starhill Gallery was to look for the washroom. I must say this is a must-'visit' spot for everybody. No other shopping centers in Malaysia have washrooms like Starhill. Come and find out. Only in Starhill =p
Seems like the x'mas trees are floating upwards
Starhill is one of the place where you'll find branded and high class retail shops in it. The shoppers are not many compared to the shopping complexes in Bukit Bintang. It's consider an exclusive shopping mall.
Don't even think of entering the restaurants inside when there isn't a RM50 note in your wallet. There is a Japanese buffet restaurant on the upper floor where the price is quoted according to the customers' height. Growing so tall isn't so good anyway. Hehe.
Nicholas brought me to a cafe for a drink where it's considered quite affordable for us at that time. Anyway we just wana have a try. The place is called Tiffin Bay. It is more like a jazz lounge. There were people playing piano and singing jazz. We ordered milkshakes and enjoyed the atmosphere there.
As I was trying to take some pics of the place and then suddenly the waitress came to me and say no photography is allowed. However I did manage to snap some before that.
Tiffin Bay

Chocolate Milkshake for RM12
After staying there for some time, we left to Times Square. Hoping to get some cheaper food there as we haven't had our dinner yet. Went to The Chicken Rice Shop but the chickens wana sleep already. The shops are closing. It was almost 10pm.

So Nicholas and I walked to Pudu to eat the famous Teochew porridge. Cheap and delicious! After dinner we walked back to Hang Tuah station and took the LRT home.

Left the house at 11.30 am and reached back home at 11.30pm. It been a whole day out. My legs were tiring. I needed a good night rest.

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