Monday, December 04, 2006

Ipoh Mari

ON Saturday followed Perry to Ipoh. He was going there to find his coursemate while I wana give a suprise to mine! Hehe. It was a last minute decision.

Perry came to pick me up at 7.30 in the morning and we reached Ipoh around 10.30 am. Stopped at Jusco for awhile before Perry fetched his friend from her house nearby.
Traffic jam at the toll
At the same time SMSed my friend to find out where her location was and coincidently she was heading Jusco to watch movie with her friends. So asked Perry to drop me at Jusco again before he and his friend went off.

Went up to the cinema and was hoping that she didn't notice me until she get a sudden suprise from me! Hehe. I acted as a stranger and went to her to ask for directions. She was totally freaked out when she saw me. Haha.

Too bad they already bought the movie tickets by the time I reached there. So I would just have to watch seperately. We watched '1 missed call: Final'. I still prefer the first movie. It's alot more scarier compare to this.
"Hello? Don't always play miss call can onot?!"
After the movie, followed her and her friends walked around the complex. Then her friend brought us for lunch in a coffee shop somewhere nearby, called the 'JJ Corner'. Many of the Jusco stuff went there for their lunch break. Cheap and near I guess.

After that, we went to Ipoh Parade. Just walked around. Christmas trees and decorations were already being displayed.

Saw one stall selling something I never seen before. It is called 'long sou tong' or the Dragon's Hair Candy. My friend bought a packet for me to try it. Very sweet.
At about 5.30 pm they left the parade to go to a friend's house. I didn't join them. Felt like I was at Ipoh on the wrong day. That day she was supposed to out with her friends and I think they had some plans for themselves. Because of me they had to canceled and couldn't do anything much. My bad.

So went to watch movie for the second time, alone. There was a show just started on that time so I got a ticket of it. It was a Malaysian made movie, 'Possesed', starring Amber Chia and korean transsexual singer/actress Harisu.
"Where is my pillow?! Give me back my pillow!!"
Well, I think the movie is not bad for a Malaysian movie. It was shot entirely in Kuching. The story was about a girl (Amber) searching for her sister (Harisu) after waking up from a coma. Go watch it if you haven't already.

After the show, Perry called and came to pick me up. Went to his friend's house for awhile before leaving for KL at about 8 pm.
Well, didn't really do much and go many places in Ipoh this time. Hopefully get to see some attractions and taste the famous food here in near future.

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