Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day 2 at Pangkor

From the previous day.
COULDN'T sleep the whole night so got up the bed at 5 something, took a shower then went to the beach. The sky was still very dark and only could hear the waves. Quite scary being alone there. Stayed at the swing and listened music.

It was about 6.30am when the rest had waken up, we went to Teluk Dalam trying to catch the sunrise. However there were many clouds on that day so this was what we got...

We stayed at the jetty and beach. Took some photos and enjoy the scenary. It was freaking cold when the wind blew. As we were riding on the motorcycle, everybody was shaking.

Reaching the jetty

We then headed back to Nipah Bay for breakfast. It was then my first time riding a scooter. It was easy, as long you know how to ride a bicycle. Should have rent another scooter on the day before. While having our breakfast, saw the Malaysian Navy armies were marching along the beach.
Everyday these people swim from the ship (on background) to the beach
After breakfast, we went back to change for water activites. There were some beach activities such as snorkelling, jet skiing, canoeing, boat trip etc.
We went for snorkelling first. It costs RM15 including the boat and snorkel set. They dropped us at an island nearby where we could see some corals and fishes. They also provided some bread for us to feed the fish.
Han Chee, Kelly and Hiang Sin
Catherine, Bee Li and Alans

There were many fishes but the water was not so clear compare to Redang. However we did enjoy ourself as they were not many people there at that time.
Some people fooling around
"Nemo, where are u?"
Sheltering from the sun
Somebody in deep thoughts
After that, we went for canoeing. They charged for RM10 per hour. Because they were 7 of us and each canoe only limit to 2 person, so I had to canoe on my own. It was my first time trying that and I must say it was a very nice experience. Too bad there weren't any photos taken, scared that the camera will get wet.
We then went back to our room and get ready to check out. All of us were queing up for the bathroom. So Bee Li and I had our hair washed using the pipe water outside. We checked out almost an hour late but the manager didn't charge us extra.
A last shot before leaving the beach
Before heading to the Pangkor town jetty, we had lunch at Pantai Pasir Bogak. There was one place that we wanted to go but didn't have enough time. It is a remote beach located at south of the island not known to many people.
Hopefully there is a chance next time. Hopefully.
Reached Lumut at 3 something. They went to buy some dried sotong and snacks before leaving for home respectively. I took the 4pm bus back to KL.

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