Saturday, January 28, 2006


L-R: Sook Ying, Chin Yuen, Chang Choon, Jiun Guang and Theng Nee

LAST Friday the '98 graduate batch of Davidson Primary School students (6M and 6H) had a small gathering at Gilly Tan Cafe, Tmn Segar. Of course I didn't miss out the fun. We were told to meet up at 8pm but not many people was able to make it that early as some of them were working, didn't know the way there, traffic jam etc. Also there was a pasar malam at that area.
The males of Davidson
Meeting old friends was interesting. Especially those you've never met since the last time u wore the short navy blue pants. We talked about our primary and secondary school lifes. Wai Yee even brought innocent photos of us when we were in primary school. We had a good time looking and laughing at each other.
"Who's tat fella holding the stick?"
"Me la!"
"Eh, last time u were actually so short only ar?"
"Wat to do??! At least im taller than him"

The only two 6M students present: Voon Khong and Yen Zhi
A number of 18 of us were there. Some of them left early. Wai Yee and Fong Fong was the latest, around 10.40pm. But we still had a great time. Fong Fong was in Malaysia for holiday for a few weeks. She moved to UK with family since form 3 so we can hardly get a chance to meet her. I still remember the last time she was back in KL (about 3 years ago), Shao Jin, me and her went to Emporium (currently known as Espanda). And I will forget those wild and drunk moment happened back then. =p
(L-R) Me, Fong Fong & Chang Choon
Fong Fong, Chang Choon and I used to sit together in 6H. Fong Fong sat between the two of us and we always talk non-stop and crack funny jokes. She would be laughing the most. Being left-handed, I remember always fighting with her when both of us were writing.
Chang Choon is currently taking E&E course and also working as a superviser in a car fatory.
Fong Fong , Me and Shan Lynn
Shan Lynn is also in KL for holiday. She is currently taking physchology course and will be back to Melbourne.
Anyway, we spent alot of time taking photos too. Here are some of them:
Sook Ying (L)

Fong Fong: Smile!!!
Choon Hoong: Stay away from me!
Chang Choon: Enough ar!!
Yi Yang: I'm so high~

Fong Fong, Shao Jin and Yen Zhi: Bluek~*
Fong Fong: I love squeezing people!

The fellowship of the legs
...and fingers
We left Gilly Tan about 12 something. It was sad to part but we are looking forward for another gathering in the future.
州立之光~ 州立之光~


Jay said...

Whoo pictures!

Can you please send em the rest either on email / msn?

THank you very much!

I must say it was fun sitting next to you and MCC in Primary. I love it <3

yen zhi said...

haha cool pics man!!