Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here We Come Lion City

YESTERDAY supposed to meet Khong Jin at BB plaza at 8.30am to accompany him renewing his driving licence, then head to Purudaya Bus Station together. However I only managed to wake up at 8pm so we met at Puduraya at 11pm. Asked around some ticket counters for bus ticket to Singapore (Yea, we are going there for vacation this week and also helping his aunt in her newly opened dancing school). In the end we manage to get the tickets from KL-Singapore Express counter which cost RM30 per person.

We will be leaving on Thursday morning and hopefully will be back after a week. Then it is time for our STPM results!

After that Khong Jin went home and I went to MBS to collect my 2005 school magazine and passed my handsome-testimonial-photos to the school clerk (suppose to do that last year before we graduated).

Walked around the new school building and met some teachers. Talked to Pn Chan and Mrs Oh. The new staff room was looking good, with sofas for guests to sit. At least it is not as small and crowded and messy as the old one. After that went to the canteen to have chee cheong fun.

Then I met Choy Choo and Sze Sze, in their librarian uniforms. Then went to the library to have a look at it. They are still using the old tables and chairs. And book selves as well (They just painted it with a new coat of blue/light blue paint).

I brought my camera but I didn't take photos of it. Aiseh~wasted -_-"

At around 1.30pm I walked to Central Market to get a bus to Ampang Park. Saw Xian Boon while on the way, in front of Popular bookshop.

I took the in newly introduced RapidKL city shuttle bus to KLCC then walked to Wisma MCA. On Sunday night Ong Ka Ting called me and said want to have an emergency meeting with me over there.

In the bus, saw this couple where the girl was wearing the jean which looked almost going to fall. Then this horny boyfriend of her tried to slip his hand in through the side while holding her waist. She then took his hand away and pulled her shirt down a little bit. I wanted to take a picture of it but it would be obvious if I do it (beside there was someone sitting behind me). So I took video instead. =p

Met Khong Jin in front of Wisma MCA at 2.15pm and we went inside to the Canada Education Fair. There were around 20 Institution exhibited and we went around asking for information. Among the exhibitors were Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Waterloo, Manitoba, Alberta, Calgary, Nothern British Columbia, Red Deer College etc.

Canada is one of the country which offers high quality education with lower
average tuition fees compared to other educational destinations overseas. The
low cost living in Canada also allows studetns to minimize their education
We left the exhibitions at 5pm and went to McD Ampang Park to get ourself some food and rest awhile. He then left to Bangsar for dinner and I went to KLCC. My cousin just finished servicing one of the information kiosk over there and we just met for awhile.

Left KLCC by bus and had a short nap. Had dinner at home, watched "Turn Left Turn Right" on TV3, then slept. What a tiring day!

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