Monday, February 27, 2006

Island Trip (Day 4)

Day 4 (Sun)
KJ and I had breakfast at home. Then we went to Bugis MRT station to distribute the flyers. As it was a Sunday and many people was passing through the place heading to the Bugis Junction, we finished the flyers in about 30 minutes.
Bugis Junction
Bugis Street
We walked along Bugis Street. That place is like KL's Petaling Street but it is all covered with air-con. I bought a watch for S$13 and then we walked to Sim Lim Square (Low Yat of Singapore). I was thinking of buying an MP3 player since it's cheaper to get it there but in the end I chose to buy an MP4 player as the price didn't differ much, S$130 for a 512MB.

Sim Lim Square @ Rochor Canal Road

Later in the evening, we went for the movie "The Pink Panther" in Bugis Junction, which costs S$9.50/ticket. Although the show lasted only 90 minutes but it was full of craps and laughter. Worth watching it if you are looking for something to laugh at =D It will definately brighten your day up.
Steve Martin as Insp. Jacques Clouseau
KJ and I had dinner in the food court as it was the cheapest to get in Singapore. At night we took MRT to Pasir Ris to visit my relative. My cousin asked me to buy her chewing gum from Malaysia because you cannot find it in Singapore. We stayed and chat for awhile before went home at 10pm.

Took shower, rested awhile, slept. I spent too much money on that day.

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