Monday, February 27, 2006

Island Trip (Day 1)

FOR the past 11 days I totally had no idea what was happening in Malaysia. Yesterday I just arrived KL from Singapore with Khong Jin. Two of us went to help out his aunt over there for the past few days. I did gain many experiences while helping to give out flyers promoting her aunt newly opened dance studio.

Yeap! We were giving flyers to people outside MRT stations, bus interchanges, shopping malls etc. At first we were quite paiseh and feel awkward as it was our first time doing that, somemore not in our own country. We were assigned to distribute 4900 pieces of flyers in 7 days. However we felt better and more natural as the days passed. You could see how people responded when they tried to run away from you. There were also people who were so rude that I felt like giving two big tight slaps on their faces. Haha but I didn't!

Other than helping out Khong Jin's aunt, we also enjoyed ourselves on the island. We've been to many places, met some people and saw many things that you can't find in KL. Haha..will tell u more.

Day 1 (Thu)

Going -> Singapore

Reaching -> Singapore Custom Checkpoint
KL and I left Puduraya Bus Terminal (KL) at 10am. The bus then stopped at Yong Peng for lunch break before heading to Singapore via the Second Link. When reached Beach Road (Singapore) at about 4.30pm, took cab to KJ's aunt house in Holland Close. His aunt showed us our room (we were staying at her house) and brieved us the on the flyers distribution schedule.

Suntec City, the largest shopping mall in Singapore
At 6pm we went to Suntec City by MRT and meet KJ's aunt (another one) and cousin for dinner at Tony Roma's
Tony Rama's famous Baby Backs Ribs and Onion Rings
It was my first time eating that as they do not have any branches in Malaysia. It rib was SUPER delicious! (Maybe I was hungy. Hehe) I ordered The Original Baby Backs Regular Slab (plus 2 side dishes) which costs S$27.90. It would be almost RM60!! Thank God I didn't have to pay for the bill - KJ's aunt treated us =p

After the dinner we went around shopping and KJ's aunt bought shirts for him and his brothers at the Topman Shop. And again the three shirts costs her about S$150. You do the math.

Went back home (Holland Close), took a bath, rested awhile, then went to bed as it was a tiring day for both of us.

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