Monday, February 27, 2006

Island Trip (Day 8)

Day 8 (Thu)
Finally our LAST day of working! KJ and I went to Clementi MRT in the morning to do our job. Then we took MRT to Bedok and went to the East Coast Park. It is situated on the south-eastern part of Singapore and is the largest and the most popular park in the island. There we rented a bicycle to cycle. After 1 hour of cycling in the park we tried in-line skating. Both of us didn't skate long because we were not so good at it.
East Coast Park
The park also has water skiing sports, where the participants are not pulled by a boat but by an overhead cable. It looked cool and fun. Too bad we didn't bring extra clothes. Otherwise we would sure to try that out. So we just looked at people doing it and getting wet.
The cables runs counter clockwise around the lake and the participants are, very
simply, hooked up to the cable on the move. It is powered by a variable
speed electric motor that can maintain speed between 20 - 58 kph.
From there we took a cab to Takashimaya in Orchard Road. Had our lunch there. Then we walked along Orchard Road (Singapore's larger version of Bukit Bintang).
Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

The Heeren @ Orchard Road
When we were in The Heeren (shopping). I saw May and Choy, the MTV VJ twins eating in one of the restaurant over there. I was so excited that I wanted to take a photo of them but at the same time felt so chicken =p Somemore they were having their lunch. So KJ and I just went around in HMV.
When we came out of The Heeren, SUPRISINGLY I saw May and Choy again. They were shooting for the MTV programme in Orchard Road. So KJ and I looked at them from the side while they were recording. Then the producer (i think) came to me and asked if I want to make a song request.

"Well, if I do. I might get a chance to get close to the twins!" I thought happily.

So I agreed and he brieved me on what was I suppose to do and how to do in front of the camera etc. I killed one bird with two stones: Got to meet the model cum VJs and appearing on MTV channel! Hehe. KJ took videos and photos of us when we were shooting. The two of them were so cool! They were nice, cute, pretty and active. I don't know what to say. Suddenly I felt like I was happiest guy when both of them grabbed my arms. And we did it with just 1 take. Before we left I asked May and Choy for another photo to be taken with me.

Then we went to Holiday Park View Inn Hotel to wait for KJ's parents to arrive at 3.30pm. After they had checked in the hotel we (KJ's parents, KJ and I) went to the hotel cafe to have a light meal. Awhile later KJ's aunt (the one we met at Suntec on our first day) joined us.
Hotel Park View Inn
After the meal, KJ's mum and aunt went for shopping at Takashimaya. KJ's dad, KJ and I went to the hotel room. We rested for awhile, explored the hotel before going out to Orchard again, leaving KJ's dad sleeping in the room. KJ and I went to Cineleisure.
Cineleisure @ Grange Road
The mall has variety of fast food resturants, a food court, a section of youth themed shops. It has cafes and bistros. It also houses a karaoke lounge and a video games arcade. Last but not least, Cathay Cineplex Orchard operates 12 halls at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, with three on the 4th floor, six on the 6th and three on the 9th. The 9th floor houses a large e-gaming centre, E2-Max
Wheelock Place @ Scotts Road
Then we walked to Borders (the largest bookshop in Singapore) in Wheelock Place.
Crystal Jade Palace
At 6.30pm we walked to Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant in Takashimaya. There we had dinner with KJ's parents, aunt and her sister with husband (total 7 of us). The aunt's sis' husband was a Pengarah Pendidikan in Singapore. We had a great time eating and chatting (for the elder ones). After the dinner KJ's mum went for a last minute shopping at G2000. Then we headed back home and KJ's parents went back to their hotel.

Orchard Underground Station


yee mei said...

hey cool!!! u're one lucky dude man!! Trip to singapore is oredy great.. added with celebrity shots is a bonus!! way to go man...

novemberkid said...

>.<" u lucky fella!!! so ngam they are there...ciz ciz!!! free fame... when is my turn?

Jimmy said...

ymei: hehe. i reli duno wat to say. *speechless* nvr tot tat i can meet person!!

vv: yea very lucky! =p ur turn day will come. dun worry k