Friday, June 23, 2006

Damn Tulan!

FEW hours ago something happened just pissed me off very much! I received something which I never got before in my entire life.

My first time receiving...

..a police summon!!

I do agree that talking on the phone while driving without a handsfree is against the law but I never knew that using a loudspeaker is wrong too. I thought that it was introduced for the same purpose as a handsfree.

By the way, I know what a handsfree is, you kanasai police officer. Don't have to explain it and tell me that it is called a alat bebas tangan in Malay language.

Not only they gave the summon, they even checked my car! (I mean my dad's car) What the hell, like I have any drugs, dead naked bodies or explosives to blow up the whole Chow Kit area in the vehicle.

If you guys are jealous cause I'm driving a much bigger and comfortable car than your Malaysian-made-milo-tin-car, just say lah! I don't mind taking you for a ride to Klang to try the Bak Kut Teh.

And, please don't pretend that you are a friendly and sociable officer by asking me how was my results for STPM and which university I am going to enter.

I tell you now, I'll be taking over the Malaysian Police Chief Officer position anytime and you two are going into the pack-your-stuff-and-go-home-eat-papaya namelist.

Initially I asked him to write: "..menggunakan loudspeaker (pembesar suara kuat??) semasa memandu.." But he didn't!

Hey you police officers are not professional enough! Where got officer like you taking your own sweet time smoking a cigaratte while giving out a summon.

Are you trying to tell me that you have not enough money to buy a cup of coffee?! If it is that case, I suggest you two go home and drink the pipe water.

If you are asking for a bribe, ask like a man and not a chicken, like "Ada apa-apa mau cakap dengan kita?"

'Cause my answer to that question will be, "FARKE YIU!"


Throw away your 'Saya Anti Rasuah' badge la

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s0hp0h said...

hahaha..calm down.. lolx.. so funny la.. er..i mean those police officers.. hmm.. they are just so hypocritical..lolx.. oh well.. bad luck...