Friday, June 23, 2006


RECEIVED a big envelope from UTM this morning. There is an offering letter, a handbook, timetables, lots of forms, a car sticker, a bank slip, and two Superman Returns premiere movie tickets inside it.

Many things have to be a week's time.

I have to fill in all the forms.

I have to develope my passport sized photos.

I have to go for a medical and x-ray check up.

I have to opened a new Bumiputra Commerce bank account.

I have to photocopy my school leaving certificate, birth certificate, IC and exams certificates which then certified by the school.

I have to buy a new long sleeve collared shirt, sneakers and a batik shirt.

I need to get some daily used items during my stay in the hostel.

And not forgotten...

I want to meet all my friends for the last time before I leave.


Yesterday my good friend Yi Yang had the same fate with me, both of us got summoned for the same offence at different place and time.

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s0hp0h said...

hmmOOO...medical n x-ray check up eh..i'm SURE u'll enjoy it hey.. ^^