Friday, June 02, 2006

Jit Ming 2004

AS I was signing in to the my blogger account yesterday, to my suprise the screen came out this!

What the..?!! I only have ONE post in my blog and who heck changed my blog name to 'Jit Ming 2004' ??!

To ensure again I went to Edit Profile Page to check whether it was really my page I entered.

It IS mine wat. All the information inside are correct.

So I decided to check out the blog for this account ----->> to find out who is the fella who use my name for his/her blog, leaving me no choice but to use

The first and only post on that blog dated April 05, 2004 !!!






Wait a minute, after flashing back my memories I remember signing up for blogger account by the username 'jitming' and when I tried to change a new password for that particular account after that, it worked.

See-two-pig me!! Now only I realise that I was the one who registered for that account two years ago, then I just left it unused.

What a forgetful me =S

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