Friday, March 10, 2006

Job Interview

TODAY I had appointment with Miss Lydia at MCB building, 12pm.

Left the house around 10am to LRT station. Took the train to Maluri, then took the RM2-per-day RapidKL City Shuttle Bus to town.

I didn't know where excatly the building was so called Wai Luen for the direction. He, Gilbert and Wei Yuen already went there yesterday.

The building was located at Cangkat Raja Chulan, just opposite the KWSP building.

Went up to the 13th floor. Entered the Kelly Services office. It was actually an job agency office. Filled in the form. The receptionist checked my IC.

Then Miss Lydia called me to her place for interview. I was brieved about the job. The pay, time, rules etc.

She then asked me to go to Maxis Tower for another interview at 2pm. If I passed that interview, I'll get the job.

The job... Oh! Is in Maxis Tower, working in Customer Service Dept. Doing some data entry job. And also calling customers once awhile.

The pay there is quite good. RM6.50/hour. Only Monday to Friday every week. Maybe once a while I'll have to go on weekends. But that is fine for me =)

So I walked to the bus stop nearby. Couldn't get a bus to KLCC. So walked to another bus stop further in front (outside Wisma Genting).

A bus heading to KLCC just left. I just missed it!

Feeling semangat on that time, so I walked to KLCC. Had lunch on the way at Jln Perak (Next to Thai Club). The place was like an oven. The air was so steaming hot! Could see alot of people on that area as it was near to office lunch break hour.

Reached Maxis Tower at about 1.30pm. Asked for the pass to go up to the 8th floor. Waited for Miss Brenda (I think that's her name) to come at 2pm. The place there was nice and comfortable. I surfed the net for awhile. But only Maxis site.

Not long later, Miss Brenda came and brought me to the 16th floor. Then she interviewed me in the meeting room. The interviewing session was short.

She got my number, and said will call me.

Then I went to KLCC, walked a while at Kinokuniya bookshop. Outside KLCC there were many police armed forces holding their gears and weapons. Looked like something bad was going to happen anytime. Police cars, motocycles, vans and even HELICOPTERS were surrounding that area.

Many people and tourists were seen taking photo as it was a rare sight. My camera was with my friend photos for this post *sorry* As it was a Friday and the sembahyang period had just ended at that time, many people were curious and stayed there to have a look what was going to happen next. However the police guards asked them to leave and not to gather at the place.

When I walked to the front and had a closer look, it was actually some opposition party people giving speeches. They were very upset about the raising of the petrol price recently.


Saw my bus coming to the bus stop, ran towards it. And went back home.

At 5 something pm, I received a phone call...from Miss Brenda. She told me that I can come to work at Maxis on the next Monday. 9am!

HAHAAAA..OH YEAH!!! I got the job!! Looks like the next thing that I am gonna do is... shop for my shirts/pants. =D

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s0hp0h said...

congrats!! shud be fun! lolz