Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Genting Day Trip

ON Monday night, Jason suggested a last minute Genting trip since he has a two days leave off his work. Planned to meet at my house at 11am on Tuesday morning. But according to MBSian tradition, an additional of 1 hour will have to add to the suggested time, which turned out to 12pm.

After having our lunch at Quan's cafe Pandan Indah, we left for Genting at 2pm. Jason and Siew Ki are going up by their car while the rest of us (Randy, Yee Mei, Perry and I) took a cab up. It cost RM52. Quite convenient and a fast way to reach up the hilltop.
On the way up

We reached Genting Highlands at 3pm. The cab dropped us at the First World Hotel and we met up with Jason there. The people inside the First World Plaza were damn lot! It is Christmans season and also holiday season in both Malaysia and Singapore.

First we went into the Casino @ First World Hotel. We didn't put any bet but just walked around and see how the people played inside. There was this machine which made us all wonder how it should be played. People just pressed the button and waiting for 'something' to happen. If not mistaken it is the Jackpot.
Most of the games there are handled electronically. And the number of CCTV inside the casino is enough to fill the whole ceiling ady.
We went out to the First World Plaza. The queue for all the rides were full of people and remarkably long. There was no way we could wana play any rides at that time. At first we planned to play the Adult bumper car but it was later put off after looking at the terrible queue. And the so called 'Adult' bumper car are mainly children.
So what happened to the Junior bumber car? For babies only?
Then we headed to the Snow World but the ticket was selling the 6.30pm session. A little bit too late since we are planning to leave Genting on that day itself.
So in the end we just walked around the place and enjoy the cool breeze outside. Also making fun of the people screaming on the Flying coaster ride. Hehe.
L-R: Siew Ki, Jason, Randy, Yee Mei

Perry. It was his 1st time to Genting since 3 year old
Quite foggy during the month of December
After a long walk we wanted to find to place to sit and have drinks so Jason suggested Coffee Bean at the Resorts hotel. When we reached there, there weren't any nice seats available outside and the view was not very nice so we headed back to First World hotel for Starbucks coffee.

Some shots at the park outside First World:
The couples

What was Jason doing?

All of us

We saw this front desk with nobody and so went to fool around with it.
The three stoges

Inside the First World Plaza

At night, we went to Taman Yulek for steamboat dinner at the Restoran Choong Huat. They have the normal plain soup, Tom Yam and also herbal soup, which I never tried before. Apart from the steamboat dishes, we ordered grill fish and BBQ chicken wing for side dishes.

We ate till very very full until we couldn't finish the vegetables and the mee hoon. But it was quite enjoying and feeling good to meet again, talking back our memories, crapping all the way and we really had a nice day.

Like what Yee Mei said: "It's not the journey that matters, but the...." Ermm, I can't really hear what she said after that. =p

So, when is the next trip?

**Correction: "It's not the destination that matters, but the journey." Hehe

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i said it was the journey that matters 1a! not the destination. lol.