Friday, December 28, 2007

Farewell 2007

SO finally we have come to an end of 2007. Few days later I’ll going back to the lousy university. Yeah, lousy cuz the internet connection in the hostel is so soo sooo sloooow. And the food there sucks! There is only ONE Chinese stall in the whole university. So freaking lousy!
University Tiru Meniru (UTM)
Also have to get back to uni life already. Projects, assignments, sleepless nights, then sick due to lack of sleep.
My hostel block
But on the other hand, I will get to meet my coursemates again. After 1 month of missing seeing each other, I’m sure we have much to discuss and crap about. And hope CK will bring more “supply” to the hostel.
That's CK
I never did much during this holiday. Didn’t find a job, didn’t go for a long trip (except the Genting one) and basically just laid at home and did nothing. Once awhile met up with some friends for yamcha and movie session. That’s all.
GSC Pavilion
This coming semester I’ll be joining Ar. Hong’s environmental workbase. Some friends from his previous batch said that he is not that good, he didn’t crit much on our design until the very last minute and he always talk about business rather than architecture. I guess maybe that's his style.
However there were also some good comments on him: how he helped his student to save money on printing and most important of all, he gave fair and good grades to all for the final project! And, he is a Chinese! =) The ONLY Chinese lecturer in the whole 1st and 2nd year. Not so sure about the other years though.
OK so 2008 is coming and what is my new year resolution? Erm…well, as usual, hope everything will be smooth and nice (although it will not be sometimes, I know) and hope that I can meet my falling star anytime soon. =p
Haha. But mum always say: "Ming, study first lah….study first…"
So I guess just leave that to fate.
Flip-flop on my desk
One thing that I really really looking forward in 2008 is to travel to Canada and USA with my aunt’s family. Some weeks ago she asked me whether I’ll be free on this coming June cuz if I am, I can join them for a tour to Canada. They will also be going to visit my cousin brother who is currently studying in Seattle.
I was very very excited when I heard that but I would have to ask my dad first and guess what? He approved!!! I really can’t believe. Haha. I am going to land of ang moh for the first time if everything goes well next year.
One more thing my aunt told me that got me really high is that, if the plane transits at Japan, we might stay there for a day or two. Whoa…isn’t the trip too wonderful?! Hehe.
So what I'm gonna do when I return to uni is to confirm my sem break next year. Hopefully there will be no clashing with my measured drawing assignment, which I’ll be doing it in Negeri Sembilan on next mid-year.
At MidValley after watchin 'I Am Legend'
Last but no least, Happy new year to everyone! =)

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yeEwei said...

wat supply from ck jek?ahahhaha..
anyway wish u can find ur real star more wise!