Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There Was a Barber and His Wife

*This post was written few weeks ago but only manage to upload it when I got the photos from Hui San recently*

ON one of the weekends before the CNY break I went to Tebrau City with Hui San, Siew Wei, David, Steven, Chiou Yann, Han Chee and Jenny. We agreed to meet in the morning at 10 in front of the guys’ hostel block before fetching the girls. Then we headed to Sri Putri for breakfast and dropped Yee Wei there as she was going to KL to meet, ehem…her friend.

Some people already started camwhoring while I was away sending Yee Wei to the ticket counter
Before entering the cinema hall. Too excited thus blur image
In Tebrau we watched Johnny Depp’s latest musical thriller - Sweeney Todd. It was like the Phantom of the Opera. For those who like that you might like this. I find it not bad though. A lot of singing part in the show. Movie began itself started singing already. And the storyline is quite simple actually. It's about a barber who seeked revenge for his wife's death. No matter how Johnny Depp speak, walk or act, he still reminded me as Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
"Need a shave?"
I spotted a nice purple colour formal shirt at PADINI and there was a sales going on! 50% off!!! So I quickly bought it off.

This purple shirt
David tried on some shirts

Shopping with the girls are somehow a different experience for me. They like to pick and choose and try as many clothes as possible inside the fitting room. Siew Wei told me that it is fun to try so many weird weird clothes that we couldn't afford to buy.

So I too picked some and tried them out whenever it's possible. And we would take some photos inside the fitting room. That's what the S.H.E (not the Taiwanese one) would normally do. Hehe.

After taking the photos, they edit abit of the background to look as if it wasn't in the fitting room. Then post them in friendster's photos. Very cheating creative huh! =)

We also went to Vanessa's shop - Guess. According to Hui San, it is named after Vanessa's cuz there is only one of our coursemate, Vanessa who can only afford to buy things from tat shop. Hehe.

Fuh, one pair of jeans there can cost about RM500+!!! Hui San saw a very nice purse but she said that it didn’t match her hand phone 'status class’ so she didn’t get that in the end. Plus it was a little bit pricy. But then after a while she went in there again and got that purse. She said that somebody will be sponsoring her worr.

She also wanted to buy a yellow top in MNG but unfortunately it has only one left and it has a little bit of stain so we asked her not to buy it.

Opps, somebody forgot to turn off the flash
Siew Wei trying the dress
(L-R) Steven, Siew Wei, Hui San and I
Go anywhere also wana camwhore
With different different angle some more
We had our late lunch in Sushi King.

That's how much we ate
Pictures' time again...

On the way back, everyone slept like pig in the car except for the driver.

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yee mei said...

wao.. i envy you... get to sHOP WITH A BUNCH OF GIRLFRIENDS. haha.
i finally found a guy who doesn't complain when shopping with girls!!

keep it up.