Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FuturArc Award Presentation in KL – Day 1

At 10.30am we departed UTM in Tiong’s PGU and we stopped at the Restoran Jejantas in Malacca for toilet and meal break.

During the journey
Han Chee and Jenny
Having our meal in A&W's
Became Hang Jimmy
Bought some nuts
And somebody became pregnant

We arrived at Eastin hotel around 2.30pm. It is located in Damansara area and there are many office blocks around. We were given two deluxe rooms on the Executive floor, which is on the highest floor. All sponsored by the organizer, BCI Asia. It is my first time staying in such luxury 4-stay hotel stay and what’s even great was that there are some privileges for guests who stay on the executive floor.
Reaching the hotel
We thought this is the hotel, in fact it's an office block
We stayed on the 18th floor
The moment we came out the lift at the 18th floor (the highest), there was a Presidential Suite on our left side. At first I thought that we have to access the door first in order to enter the corridor leading to our rooms so I quickly insert my room card in the slot but it wasn’t accessible. I tried again and the door still couldn’t open.
Suddenly Han Chee saw another corridor on the other side which connects to our room and I knew that I was opening the wrong door. The door that I was trying to access is the ACTUAL Presidential Suite. Shit, so paiseh la! I wonder what will happen if suddenly some VVIP (eg. Backstreet’s Boys) open the door and saw all of us trying to ‘sneak’ into their room -_-“
Anyway, Tiong and I stayed in room 1806 where we shared a King-sized bed and the girls’ room was just opposite ours. They have three single beds. The room is very spacious I tell you. The toilet is bigger than the usual one where the shower, bath tub and WC are separated. It has an iron and an iron board, FREE internet connection, and I think the TV has surround system. Plus all the switches and air temperature are operated digitally. So chun lal! Or maybe I was just being ‘jakun’.
Tiong and my room
The girls' room opposite
Camwhoring in the bathroom
Camwhoring everywhere
Jenny putting on the robe


The view from my room. The convention centre that we will be going is just straight across
Enjoying the WIFI

After settling our stuff and got ourselves rested, we left the rooms at 5pm and went around exploring the place. First we went to the Executive Lounge which was just 1 floor below and it is only accessible by guests who stay on the Executive Floor.

Never have I been to any lounge at any place. The place was just sooo nice and comfortable! They have a TV area, books and magazines corner, free computer usage with free internet access and it also a small dining area, only for guests on Executive Floor! For the first time I feel so grand and pampered in my life staying in a hotel.

In the lounge
The pool area
The lobby

For dinner, Tiong brought us to a place at Bukit Bintang area. It was a Thai restaurant located beside the Lot 10 and the Coronade Hotel. We reached there at about 6 but the staff was still mopping the floor so he asked us to come later. And so we went to Lot 10 to shop for a while and Tiong bought a discounted cardigan at the Top Shop.

We headed back to the restaurant, called Green Lotus. The price was not that expensive for a single person set. I ordered a Bangkok Set and it costs about RM19++. The Tom Yam is highly recommended. It was super duper damn really good!!! And the dishes were not bad either. The place is located at the back alley of Lot 10 and it is at the ground floor of the old residential flat. Not very difficult to locate.
Tom Yam soup
Bangkok set
After dinner, it’s shopping time! We went to Starhill Gallery and Pavilion since the girls never been there before. And we also pay a visit to their washroom in Starhill. It is a must-not-missed visit spot for every tourist in KL. Hehe.

The female toilet

I met Lee Keng at the Pavilion as she just finished her work. Basically we just looked and walked around the place. Tiong wanted to buy underwears but there weren’t any suitable for him. Before leaving Pavilion, we went to the lower floor and bought a dozen of doughnuts at J.Co! The queue was not very long at that time. Yeah, I miss their doughnuts…

All of us were very tired and kinda sleepy already. And so we went back to the hotel. To our surprise, the house keeping staff left some fruits for us in the room. Wah lau yeh! That is really nice of them =)

Bananas and apple


I like...

Before that we were discussing about going for clubbing in Rush but since all of us were tired already, the plan didn’t work out. Both Tiong and I went straight to bed without having our bath while the three girls took their turn indulged themselves in the bath tub. They sure know how to enjoy themselves.

Next, an exciting yet a tiring day…

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