Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Photo Shoot

WARNING: This post contains helluva photos and may cause longer loading time than usual. Thank you for your patience.

ON Tuesday Tiong brought us to his cousin’s house in Pulai for a photo shooting session after our morning lecture.

Well, Tiong’s cousin is a part time professional photographer and there are a lot of those photography gadgets in his house. He’s using a Nikon DSLR camera. Very pro indeed, with all the lens and flash gadget!

At first, we wanted to take a studio-liked photo with the white colour background and but the space inside the house is kinda limited so the photographer suggested that we do it outside instead.

First we took some group photos, with different different positions and styles. The big area of the wall really suits for the shoot except that it is not white in colour. But nevermind, we can change that in photoshop ;)

The power of Adobe Photoshop

Next we moved on to the car porch area, where the sun was shining brightly and has enough natural light. The photographer used the polarizer on his lens to reduce the glare of the sun and it did make a difference on the photos. I like the effect of the sky the photos taken. I bet most of the normal digicams won't able to achieve that kind of effect.
The set
So I became the 'test model' for the photographer to adjust his camera setting before the real shoot.

Ok. Enough of me already
Then the rest of us took turns for the shoot in pairs and groups. When I was not in front of the camera I became the photographer’s assistant - the light reflector guy. Basically I just had to hold the piece of white reflector to direct the sunlight to the their faces in order make them brighter.
Hehe. Guess what? I got compliments from the photographer. Looks like I have the potential to become a photographer assistant already.
Tiong and Han Chee

See the hand at the corner?

Me lah


Not an easy job k! Must have skills one
The girls' turn

Next was the individual shot. Before this, I thought that taking photograph is like eating peanuts but I was wrong. Not only the photographer must know how to play with the buttons on his camera, he or she will also have to know how to create the 'mood' so that the model is feeling comfortable and natural during the shoot.
During most of the shoot, the photographer told us to visualize something. For example, he asked us to think of our bright future ahead and try to imagine what will it be like if we become an architect next time. Fuh, straight away we laughed out. Haha.
Meanwhile, Tiong saw a vase with dead plant, some woodens planks and dried leaves on the floor and thought that it has 感觉 (feel). And so Han Chee became the model right on that spot.

Holy feet!
Another nice shot, with the wall photoshopped of course =)

Some of the behind-the-scenes photos:

On the last month, the five of us actually participated in an architecture design competition as a group, organised by futurarc and.............suprisingly we won one of the prizes!! Therefore the organiser needed us to submit a group and our individual photos to them.
And that's the reason why we came to shoot all these photos.
My group will be going to KL for the award presentation on this coming Monday. Not only that, the hotel stay and transportation fees will be all sponsored by the organiser!!! How cool is that =)

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