Monday, February 04, 2008

My One and Only CNY Shirt

I like shirt with stripes

FINALLY I bought myself a new shirt in for Chinese New Year in Times Square. This year I only got one cuz mum said that there are still many shirts in the wardrobe that I seldom wear when I was away staying in the JB.
Giant Lion seen in Times Square
Also I bought a new mouse to usher the year of rat. The mouse that I bought previously for my laptop was kinda small for my hand. At first I thought that small will be easier to use and keep but after using it for a long time, it somehow feels trouble the hold and move the mouse with just three fingers.

BenQ mouse, RM45
I spent most of the time looking and choosing the correct mouse. You see, some mice are really nice with high dpi and with latest technology blah blah but most of them are designed for right-handed people. Lefties like me are quite susah sometimes when it comes to this.
And all this while I was thinking whether to buy a cordless mouse or not. Cuz it looks really cool and nice to keep without all the wires and stuff. But heard some say that it is not that nice and you needa change the battery when it dries up.
Low Yat Plaza, one stop IT entertainment
So after comparing the prices and the specs of the mice in Low Yat, I’d decided to get a normal optical wired mouse. End of story. Wanna save money to buy other stuff. Hehe. But also I chose that because it is big enough for my whole hand to grab on while working with it. And it comes with two function buttons. Mice nowadays come with unique unique shapes and additional buttons for easy tasking.
My rats
I saw one A4Tech mouse which has a button where you press it for the double click function. So instead of clicking twice on the primary button, one click on that will perform the same thing. And when playing games like Counter-strike, one click on the button will shoot twice the ammo. How cool is that!

Apart than that, I also got a new laptop bag for my laptop, of course. The Acer bag that I used to carry, well, is too common for people to know that I am carrying a laptop so I need a different type of laptop bag and so I found this. Not too expensive for a laptop bag, only RM99.
It can be either a sling bag or a backpack
Also, I bought a laptop skin which I wanted to buy the last time I was back in KL. The transparent sticker on my existing laptop looks quite torn out and sticked with dust so I think it’s time to find something nice to cover or decorate or zh’ng my laptop. Hehe.
Kan! After buying only I realised other shops were selling RM5 cheaper

Before going Low Yat, I was having brunch with Sharon and Khong Jin in Pavilion. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Ichibon Boshi. Ordered some raw salmon and shasimi, chicken katsu and the Japanese' favourite eel. Not bad the place. Nice food and environment. The price is okay okay. It came to about RM28 per person but it’s worth it! =)

Located beside Food Republic on the lower floor
Mr Abo

Miss Sharon

Wine bottles as deco
Our cup of green tea


Chicken katsu with scramble egg

Then we went to look for Lee Keng who is working in a branded shoes shop which a pair of shoes can cost up to RM1000. Unfortunately she was on duty that time and the store supervisor must be so strict that she’s not allowed to talk to friends.
So she told us to meet up again during her break at 4.30pm but by that time we could have left already so…erm…very sorry Lee Keng. Maybe we can meet again next time.
Heavy traffic at Jln Bukit Bintang
While walking around and showing them around Pavilion, I met up with one of my primary class mate who was having a tea session with her colleagues in Starbucks. It’s been a long long time that I’ve never meet with her. About 7 years like that. OMG, she looks nice and become pretty prettier. I used to have a crush on her during primary school times. Quickly I snapped her photo, for her contact picture on my phone.
Hello, long time no see
Today is also the day Stephen Chow and his crew come to Pavilion to promote his new film, CJ7. The red carpet was already laid out from the main entrance into the main stage. That time we (Sharon, KJ and I) were in Pavilion was quite early and he will only be arriving at 7 in the evening so we couldn’t have the chance to meet him. Hmm…but if Jay Chou were to come, I might be staying there until 7. Hehe.
Some acrobatic performance on the stage
This is the Alliance Bank I mentioned in PacMee earlier:
It doesn't look quite like a bank at first to me


While I was walking and looking stuff around Low Yat I came across this promoter who introduced the new broadband service 'Izzi' to me. We chatted a bit about uni stuff and then she wrote her number down on the flyer before passing it to me, in case I have any inquiries about the service. Hmm...should I ask her out someday?


TJ said...


she looks familiar, goh yee mei izzit, sry if i spelled wrongly or guessed wrongly? ur crushed??

Jimmy said...

yea...goh yee mei. from 6H last time =)