Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Living in a Small KL

JUST came back from yamcha at Kepong with Hui San. I also called Siew Wei along earlier but unfortunately she couldn’t make it on the last minute. And since my cousin brother is staying my house for a night, I brought him along too.

Never have I drove so far away to have drinks with friends. But it’s all worth it for tonight. Hehe. I took the MRR2 way from Pandan Indah to Kepong cuz knowing that the roads in KL center it will be terribly jammed.

Firstly, gotta go to Bandat Sri Damansara's McD to pick up Hui San. Then she led us to Chandran mamak stall. I’ve heard about Chandran from her and Siew Wei some time before. And Siew Wei said that the roti there is better than the one in Steven’s Corner. So today I take the trouble chance to travel all the way there to try their roti. And I did no regret it. =p

Well, for me, I think both Chandran’s and Steven’s are equally good la. Maybe I’m not that choosy type of person. Hehe. But I particularly like the Roti Chicago from Chandran’s. It is actually a bun with egg and filled with mayonnaise and chili sause. And we also ordered their famous Roti Salad and Paper Tosai (recommended by Siew Wei).

OK, and here comes the freaky part. Well, not to say freaky but quite surprise and everything seems be so sudden. The day before I was in Low Yat and there was this female promoter who introduced me the new Izzi broadband service. She left her number in the flyer and I sent her a CNY SMS on that night itself.

And on this night, while I was eating halfway with my cousin and Hui San in Chandran. Suddenly I saw a face quite familiar to me. The face that I recognize in Low Yat the day before. She was just arriving in Chandran with her friends. At first I was quite-but-not-very-sure it was the same girl I talked with so I looked at her for some time when she approached our table. Hoping that she would at least give some reaction when saw my face. (And that if she recognize all the people she talked to in Low Yat.)

Hehe. Guess what? It was really her!!! Both of us were stunned for awhile. I bet she must be surprise seeing me in Chandran too. Gosh, I met her in Low Yat and now we meet again in Kepong! Is that what you called fate huh? Haha. KL is really really small after all. I must admit that things do not always happen like that.

So she sat on the table next to us and I continued eating and chatting with my friends. And before I left I wished her goodbye and she asked if I use MSN. So I told her ya and I’ll SMS her my email address. It all happened so fast.

And right now we are SMSing each other while I’m typing this. Wow is something really going on? I dunno. We shall see… ^^


hui-san- said...

cheh.. wrote so many fai wa... actually just wanna mention bout tat girl nia ma...

NicoleACY said...

Sigh... hiao... :P

Mrs Chou said...

ya, it's fate hor , like i see jay on Tv today, then the next day i see him on TV again.. muahahaha... me and jay reli got fate.

David said...

fate is fate, you will never know
haha, good luck
do ur best on ur valentine