Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Crystal Soil

NOWADAYS with this crystal soil, planting is like eating peanut. It is nontoxic, odorless, clean and easy to use. And later, I found out that it is quite nice to play with as well.

I bought the soil at RM10 for three packs (each in different colour) in Sunway Pyramid. I gave the red one to my friend and left the blue and white colour. So I mixed them together in a glass vase.

This is how they look like:
First I added some water into the vase. Just agak-agak the amount of water to add cuz if it's not enough I can add more later. Most importantly is to cover the whole soil with water.
Water added

This amount of water is definately not enough cuz the soil will expand in a few hours' time.

~Commercial Break~
Meet Tistan!

OK, back to the crystal soil. This is how it looks like after five minutes.
See, the water has all been absorbed.
And after 22 minutes. What does it look like to you?
Very obvious the water was not enough so I added more H2O.

~Commercial Break Again~
This is Tistan, the baby that my mum is looking after. He is only five-months-old. Look at those rosy cheeks and the innocent look.

TADA!! After one hour and 48 minutes. This is how the crystal soil has became.
And it is still growing:
From this
...to this. Two hours 56 minutes from the beginning

The next step is to insert the bean into the soil. This magical bean was also bought in Sunway. RM1 for each and I bought three. One for my friend and left two for me.

There are wordings and picture implanted on both side of the bean and it will eventually grow into a tall green plant which I have yet to witness with my own eyes.
Here you go
Happily smiling =)

You don't have to insert the bean into very deep inside. Just slightly underneath the surface of the soil.
Because there was too much of soil in the big vase and I found it quite wasteful, I took some out and put them into another bottle. So there will be now one bean for each glass vase/bottle.

Let's wait for something to happen! =)


At the meantime, my room is going through some 'renovation' therefore it is quite messy. Not really a renovation but just repositioning some of the furnitures in the room.

I need to dispose/donate/recycle some old stuff which are not used. Man, I really had a lot of junks to be cleared off. Too many uneccessary stuff which make my room looks like a store room.
A bit regret the wallpaper that I pasted on my wall last time. Now I have hard time peeling them off. My sister has been laughing and teasing me while I was tearing those off . =.="
How nice if everything can be done just like in Sketchup.

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