Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Church Wedding

LAST Saturday Perry invited some of us to his sister’s wedding ceremony in a church at Bukit Nanas. The function started at 4pm but Chin and I arrived there at about 45 minutes earlier. Some of the guests were already there and registering themselves at the entrance.
It seemed like we were the youngest there cuz it was Perry’s elder sister who got married and therefore there were many of her friends’ and relatives, as well as those from the bridegroom’s. We saw Perry’s mum and she invited us with a big warm smile before asking us to take our place.
Soon, Perry arrived with his sis and dad in a Benz. He became the driver of the day. Lucky enough for him able to drive in a S-class Mercedes. His dad was too afraid to take the wheels, in case of anything goes wrong.

Anyway, like what we usually seen in the movies and dramas, the bridegroom would be at front waiting for his bride, which is accompany by her dad. Likewise on that day, Persis Dineen Rodrigues, together with her dad, Philip, walked slowly to the front to greet the (happiest) man of the day, Mah Jee Onn.

You see, Perry is a mixed of Portugese dad and Chinese mom. That explains his last name, Rodrigues.
The rest of the gang, Randy, Yee Mei, Yuen Cheong, Yu Jian and Sendhil arrived just as the ceremony started.
Bride and parents

As usual, in a Catholic wedding, there will be prayers, hymns, Father’s speech and the exchange of vows and rings etc. There were moments when both the bride and groom has to say out “Yes I will, Yes I have etc” and “Please accept this ring as my blablabla ” in front of the priest but I'm sure the most awaiting part was when the priest would say “You may now kiss the bride” and “I now pronounce you man and wife”.
After everything both the newly weds will walk down the hall and there was supposed to be flowers throwing at them like what we always see in the movie. However, that didn’t happen that day. Probably the church authority didn’t want to have so such mess and the trouble to sapu everything on the floor at the end of the event. A little bit disappointed though.

The guys

A group pic

BUT, there was one thing we could not miss – the flower tossing by the bride. Yee Mei was already waiting for that moment I guess. Hehe. Honestly I have no idea why is the tossing for? My guess is that the girl who got the flower will probably be the next to get married.

So Yee Mei was getting ready, hoping to catch the bouquet of flower. Perry even hinted his sister on which direction she should aimed before tossing.

Did she get it??

No, unfortunately. Probably the time isn’t right yet, is it? =p

After the ceremony and the photo taking sessions, there was light refreshment served next to the church. I quite like the outdoor kind of catering with those white tents on the green green grass. You know, it feels so English.
Makan time

As it was just refreshment, the foods served were mainly kuih, swiss roll, karipap with coffee/tea.

L-R: Randy, Yee Mei, Yu Jian, Sendhil, Perry, Chin, Me, Jason

After some photo taking, we stayed and chatted for awhile before getting back home. A open house dinner will be at the house this coming Friday.


Cynthia Yong said...

eeeee... envy envy. by the way, i had 2 friend from portuguese too. their names spelling are really cool! nice pictures by the way!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Persis aka fairlady,

From GDK,
"If you still remember la"

Anonymous said...

Good blog Jimmy!
Didn't know that you've put in so much effort in creating the story for us... :)

Thanks for being there too!

Perry's Sister a.k.a Mrs. Mah