Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Can Hear the Sleigh Bells Ringing

TODAY is a tiring day. I just got back from The Curve with mum, sis, aunt and family. Christmas is near and the decorations are already up in the mall. Almost every year MidValley does not fail to come out with fascinating Christmas decorations but I think this year The Curve does a nice job too. =)
Sis and cousin. See the tall giraffe at the back?
Cute sculpture

Earlier, we went to the IKEA store next to it. I was hoping to do some changes in my room since I'm back home for almost two months. I got many ideas and inspiration from IKEA. It is really easy how the things in IKEA work. Simply yet nice. Dunno why they always come up with brilliant idea.

The first thing we reached IKEA was to have lunch. There were so many people there.
For the first time I see people taking trolley to order food
Tada! Our food
Decoration next to Christmas three

I wanted to buy a cloth hook for my room cuz the current one is, well, too small and has been there for quite some years already. Nevertheless it is time to look for a new and nicer one.

There were two choices. This one (RM19):

And this one (RM10):
Both look nice and okay to me. I kinda like the first one cuz it doesn't look like a typical hook but it has lesser hook on it. So, I took the second one.

There is also this desk which I quite like. It is a small laptop desk which I thought it would be useful when I'm on the bed. Really really hope to get it. The level and the surface angle can also be adjusted.
I suddenly had the urge to buy this.
but after seeing the price, I had to think twice

Some other random photos:
This is where you'll get the furniture you want, all ready packed in boxes

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