Saturday, November 01, 2008


You know why?

Because yesterday I was supposed to go enjoy after my studio assessment and then to TGI Friday for dinner, until Mr Ng informed that there would be studio at night.

Damn it! And from 9 to 11pm, he was busy assessing works from other workbase with two other panels, making us waiting and doing nothing except crapping around at the corner of the exhibition room.

If I knew it would turned out to be like that, I would have at least gone for the Halloween dinner in TGI. Yee Wei even went online to search for costume for the Halloween event. All the plans spoiled because of some people.

Anyway yesterday’s morning assessment went pretty well. We had to present our work in brief which we thought we didn’t have to. The panel were supposed to be En Rajeh and Dr Remaz but Rajeh was sick therefore he was replaced by Dr Zin, and Dr Remaz arrived later, which means we had to present the same thing twice.

Since my camera wasn’t used for quite some time already, yesterday we took many shots before, during and after the assessment. Here:

Me, my painting, my board
CK and his work
Asrof punya
Choon Wah and his painting
CK with his Taichi concept
Dr Zin
Assessing our work
Dr Remaz who arrived later
CK presenting
Lastly, a jump shot! =)

On another note, why people searched these and they will eventually linked to my blog??

My blog is clean ok. Must be the fault of THIS!

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Cynthia Yong said...

very nice renders u and ur friend got there!!congrats