Thursday, November 27, 2008

Han and Liang's First Time

AFTER our Malacca trip, we've decided to go ice skating at Sunway Pyramid on the following day.
I did not skate for quite a long time already. I can barely remember when was the last time I skate in the ring. Anyway, it was Han Chee and Liang’s first time but they managed to skate quite well in the end. Everything has got its first time right.
I never knew the entrance has became like this!
Skating Academy sounds so classy
The entrance fare costs RM21 per person cuz it is now a school holiday (Normal weekday fare is only RM13) but we could skate for as many hour as we want. Therefore we stayed inside there and enjoy til the dinner time.
Liang and San
The duck pose

Every two hour there will be a resurface of ice so that it won't be wet and slippy. But I find that it is nicer to skate when the ice condition is a little wet. It made the ride smoother. =)

There was once where I couldn’t brake myself and eventually bumped towards a girl and hugged her from the back, unintentionally. One of my leg was kind of caught between her two legs. And she was wearing a short pants. Whoops..
If you notice, each of us wore different pair of glove
To the left
And to the right =p

For dinner, we went Italiannies and ordered the promo set plus a pizza and a salad. It tasted so good cuz all of us were very hungry already. Hehe. Nice food. Nice environment.
Han Chee and me
San and the grape juice (must try!!!)
Liang and Tiong


Eh! Why am I looking outside?


Holiday holiday!! said...

oooo... i never skate before... =)

Jimmy said...

dun worry. i'm sure u will have the chance ^^

hanhan said...

haha i was reading ur latest post then ter-saw one post 'Han & Liang's first time'. I wonder what was that.LOL miss those days

Jimmy said...

haha miss was so long ago =( i also almost forgotten i posted this up. the title can be so 'wrong-thinking'. lolz