Thursday, November 20, 2008

Semester Ends

HELLO! I’m back at KL now. In fact I’ve been home since Monday but for the past few days I was busy enjoying myself with some of my coursemates who were hanging around in KL. It is a part of our so-called road trip plan where we stop by at every place we could while traveling back from UTM to the north

On last Saturday morning, San, Han Chee and Liang departed from the campus, following Wei Chin to Segamat where they spent a night there. I didn’t follow cuz I had to fetch my aunt to Malacca for a relative's wedding dinner on that night itself. My family was also down in Malacca to attend the dinner.
The Eye of Malaysia is now in Malacca

Then on Sunday noon, the three of them arrived Malacca from Segamat and we met up in Maktoka Parade. Tiong arrived later at night and we had dinner together with San’s friend, Li Jun in Melaka Raya.
Menara Taming Sari between the shops

The following day was where our jalan-jalan began. We started off from Jonker Street and along the way stopped by some of the shops and stalls before heading to the famous red-coloured Stadhuys building.

San posing with this famous wooden doll in Jonker
Outside a Malay mosque
Like some building in the Mediterranean
In one of the mosque
Peeping Liang
Very detailed shophouses made of clay
A quick shot
We came to a teahouse for a short rest. The owner recommended us a tea which can help to detoxify our body. RM20 for a pot. He then showed us the proper on how to prepare a tea. There are skills for that too you know.

An abandon building with very old but nice wall
At the riverside
San finally could jumped =p
Bunch of nerdy people
Haha. Sometimes, some things need to forced one.

Lastly, a panorama shot of the Stadhuys.
Click to enlarge

Guess what, we also bumped into one of our pretty junior from China. =)

That's all for the Malacca stop. Next day coming up…

*some photo credits to Tiong*


yeewei said...

chen chin look like ah ma with the hat..hahahha

lcc said...

wad the ....?? cant u juz use the word "handsome"??!!

yeewei said...

hahaha..dun worry others r handsome..except this one..the 奶奶 look is back..hahaha