Monday, November 24, 2008

Bee Am Double You

I am back from Kuantan. Met some new friends. Real f**kers I tell you. I had some wild moments over there. For the three continous night in Kuantan we've been drinking in the hotel room. I wonder if KL people are going through a lot of stress cuz out of eight of us (including the supervisor), six of them smoke. Man, I almost died suffocating in the room. I thought letting go a fart at that time would be the best smell ever.

However on the other hand, getting a chance to work outstation has a different kind of experience for me. There were six of us in a team of crew, lead by a supervisor. And three female usher which only arrived on the Saturday morning.

We were located at this BMW outlet:
The Auto Bavaria showroom at Jalan Teluk Sisek
Setting up the area on Friday night
That's Gerald and Santosh working on the boards
The diagram we were asked to refer to
Tying and hanging piece by piece
It gives some kind of 3D floating effect from far
Bringing in the car to the exact spot

Setting up the whole thing took us quite some time, from setting up the metal trusses to hanging each of every piece of the board. We finished everything at three in the morning before checking-in the hotel.
The new 3 series BMW
The Indian who drinks but do not smoke
Santosh with one of the usher, Josephine
The three female ushers and their uniform
When there was nothing to do

During the three days in Kuantan, we stayed in M.S. Garden hotel which was just a few minutes walk from the place we worked. The room where Gerald, Santosh and I shared was quite big. It has three single bed and comes with a huge bathroom.
View from our room balcony
This is where they all gather at night to smoke and drink
There is a big pool below

It was funny seeing the way Gerald and Santosh spoke to each other. Let me recall one of the conversation:

Gerard: India, jom pegi beli minum.
Santosh: Eh apa India India?! *pissed* Aku ade panggil korang Cina-cina tak?
Gerard: U memang India ma.
Santosh: Aku Christian la.
Gerard: Eh. Itu religion la fucker.
Santosh: Cilaka.

After our work on the Saturday night, the three of us managed to enjoy the free sauna, steam and jacuzzi facilities in the hotel, since it was free after all. =)
Cathering in the showroom where we had our lunch

On Sunday we started to pack all the things and stuff after the showroom was closed at 6pm. It was much easier and faster compared with the day we assembled them. In about two to three hours we finished packing and waited for the lorry to come.
Packing up the threadmill
How I wish to own this
Last night in Kuantan. Non-stop drinking

This is Joshephine by the way. Mixed of Chinese and Portugese. She is currently working and studying law part time. And she just passed her 21st birthday! She was also one of the usher stayed for one extra night with us wherelse the two others back to KL on Sunday night itself.
Josephine and I. She likes to talk.

The Nintendo Wii was one of the game activity in the showroom and we brought back it to the hotel on the last day. The wireless controller is really amazing where you can swing it in every direction.
Playing the Transformer game
Lastly, a group photo of the crew members!

All photos above taken with my Sumsung.

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