Monday, June 23, 2008


ERM...I know I am slow. Nintendo has came out with a new game console, Wii (Pronounced as 'we'). It brings the gaming industries to a whole new world as the controller offers a motion-sensitive gameplay options.
Variety functions of the controller
Even as a gun

The other day, Choon Wah and I tried playing the Wii for the first time in Low Yat and it was pretty cool. As the controller is wireless, we can just hit, spin, whack on how we like using the controller. It is most suitable for playing sports games. Jim must be working out a lot at home with his Wii. Hehe.
Playing tennis game
However compared to Sony PS3 and Microsof Xbox 360, this game console lacks of graphical and rich media features. Nevertheless, it is fun to play especially when friends are over the house and the gameplay makes Wii an attractive gadgets to be owned.

L-R: Wii, PS3, Xbox
Well, it is heard that Nintendo is planning on launching a Wii phone following a great success of its game console. Just like how Apple launched its iPhone. Can't wait to see the responses from the others.
Wii Phone?
And to the boys, you might wanna get a Wii for your beloved girlfriends. Christmas is coming in months (yeah I know it's still a looong way to go). Or maybe as a birthday present even.
Eh, but why to the girls?

Here is the reason why every guy should buy their girlfriend a Wii ;)


Wallace Tan said...

izit the game tat we play in low yat tat day..?

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stephene86 said...

buy for me too!!!

Jimmy said...

stephene86: then u will do exercise? =p