Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be Smart. Get Smart

YESTERDAY Choon Wah and I met up for a movie at Times Square. Khong Jin and Marc couldn’t make it cuz they had something on. It’s been a while I never catch up with movies in cinema despite so many new movies up in the theater. The last one was ‘Superheroes’ with Perry and Khong Jin.

Anyway, we watched ‘Get Smart’ yesterday. It is a James Bond agent-like movie but added with laughter as you can see in the movie poster. Basically it is something like ‘Johnny English’...and I still prefer the Rowan Atkinson’s version.
'Get Smart' is actually an adaption of the TV series of the same name which aired during the 1960s.
The earlier version of 'Get Smart'
Funny guy Steve Carrell plays an office boy turn agent in this show, pairing up with the gorgeous Anne Hathaway. OMG! What can I say, she has really grown up since ‘The Princess Dairies’. Really do turn me up during the whole show. =p She is pretty, sexy, and killing! Check out the scene where she crosses the hallway filled with laser beam detector.
Anne Hathaway as Agent 99

Ok, back to Carrell. He is typically funny just as in ‘The 40 year old virgin’ and ‘Evan Almighty’. With the tie and suit he wears, he does look like Mr Bean in certain part of the movie.
Agent 86

And Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock plays a supporting role as another agent. As how as he is look, he is always the tough and macho one. But there is an element of surprise. *wink*
Agent 23

Talking about surprise, I was shocked to see Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura from the ‘Heroes’ drama series) appearing in the show, and also ‘Las Vegas’’ James Caan playing the pre-si-dent.
Lloyd and Bruce the gadgets inventor
Haha. If you guys watched Borat, you might recognize this guy (on the left) in the show:
The fat guy in Borat
Just like almost other secret agent show, this movie started off when the terrorist steals a nuclear weapon and threaten the US goverment. So these agents were sent to save the world. You know, good guys fight bad guys. Things like that.

I do enjoy a great laugh during the show. RM7 for a ticket, I must say it’s quite worth it. Go watch if you want some entertainment plus abit of action. And see Anne Hathway *phew wit* =p

I rate 7.5/10.

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