Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'B'lease Understand

WHY do you always have to recall back what has happened so long ago? Why is it that you are not satisfied with anything and everything? It appears that YOU are the only one who lives a terrible live. You are always the innocent one. Right? I’m not saying that you are correct of your thinking. And I am not saying who is right or wrong. Maybe in certain ways you were right. So? What you wanna prove and tell everyone in our batch? You want them to ‘oh sorry B..we were wrong’, ‘It was my fault blah blah blah’, ‘I shouldn’t started it’ etc. And the list goes on…

Come on? What is wrong? I know they gave you a hard time before but that was like sooo many freaking months ago. Almost a year I suppose. Do you realize how much pressure you are giving me as well? I tried to stand by you and told you no to care so much about what other people said. Every time when you sought me to your problem, I will ask you to look at the positive side. Nobody wants to be enemy with you forever. I tried to give you some solutions and you always complain that I’m not you, so I won’t understand. Then why find me at the first place? F*** la. Go find a psychologist then!!

Isn’t it nice when we both talk about something else. Something nice and happy. Not that I wana avoid matters. I just don’t know what to do sometimes. And I know I always tell you the same thing again and again. That’s why you are piss off I guess. Everytime when you approach me with these sort of problems, I will like ‘Oh shit, what do I wana say this time?’ Sometimes I really feel that we are getting apart…slowly…….

So let me tell you ONCE again. Do not care what others think of you and how they look at you. You just move on with whatever you have right. Live a happy life and try keep those troubles away. If you are nice to the others, they won’t wana be harm to you. Some things just need time to cure. Don’t rush k! And yup, this is life. How cruel it can be to you sometimes. I believe all of us also have our own problems. Including myself. Don’t just because of you, all of us get suffer.

I think you’ll need some time. Look at the brighter sight of your life ;)

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stephene86 said...

ooo.. >< who is it u so angry with??