Friday, June 20, 2008

It Is June

YUP, it is now the birthday month and I just got back from my measured drawing activity in Negeri Sembilan on Wednesday. During the past two weeks I’ve been staying in a kampong and apart from measuring our building, I lived (almost) like a kampong boy. Anyway, feeling kinda lazy to blog about it at this moment. I just wana sit and do nothing. This is what I had been doing in Negeri Sembilan when I had nothing to do. Just sit and do nothing. No internet, no SMS, no entertainment other than Mahjong Titans from the laptop. Everyday just eat, work, and enjoy scenery.

Meanwhile, something new appeared in my house while I was away during the two weeks. Dad called someone to install a sliding compartment door between the kitchen and the dining room. This will stop the smoke from spreading into the whole house when mum is cooking. The white and blue matches well and blends into the area. Also, a new cooker hood will be installed soon.
That's mum

And her new friend

Other than that, my ‘new’ car is also at home already. Dad drove it back from Malacca last two week. Today I brought the car to the garage to change the *something* which I do not know. Many things need to be checked and changed though. The second hand car cost RM5000. After all the servicing and touch up here and there, and a paint job, it will be around RM7000. Right now still undecided whether to spray it or not. Hmm…
Car in garage


Ernest said...

Hey2, nice car u got thr! Entitled to the rebate sumore! My advice, dun waste money spraying. 2nd hand car's not worth tat much attention.


Jimmy said...

ernest: ok! so what happen now is that i spray my own. DIY =)