Monday, June 30, 2008

The Birthday Month

Just got back from yamcha session with my high school mates. Also to celebrate Yee Mei’s 22nd birthday. Her birthday marks the end of the birthday season in June. I didn’t attend many though, except for hers and Jason’s cuz I was in Negeri Sembilan for my holiday assignment.
Once again, happy birthday!

I still remember when we all of us were in secondary school, this is the time where we would be forking out a lot of money for the gifts and meals. First we have Sendhil’s birthday on the 30th of May. Followed by Shao Jin’s on the 31st.

Then in June we have:
1st June - Sharon
9th June - Perry
11th June - Khong Jin
16th June - Randy
18th June- Chia Sheng
25th June - Lai Kuan
26th June - Pik Shen
29th June - Yee Mei

And July:
4th July - Collins
6th July - Jian Fai
7th July - Chin Hwa
11th July - Siew Ki

Furthermore all the dates are almost close to each other. I wonder if all the parents planned it earlier or what. Imagine AT LEAST RM10 for present + a meal + cake…

However, things are different when I come to UTM. Most of my course mates including myself have our birthdays at the end of the year. On October itself there are eight of us:

1st Oct – Lim
7th Oct – David
9th Oct – Hui San
10th Oct – Jenny
18th Oct – Chin Keng
23rd Oct – Tiong and me
29th Oct – Ala

And three more in November…
2nd Nov – Han Chee
15th Nov – Jean
23rd Nov – Sing Ning

So during one of a lecture class, I have done an analysis graph myself.

Time wasting =p


NicoleACY said...

And I think u've forgotten someone's b'day in July. 29th of July to be exact. My sis, Wee Nee. :P

stephene86 said...

wow!! u actually rem my birthday!! =)
heez so touch.
i also rems yours n ah tiong n also jean d =)
yours on 23 oct =))

Jimmy said...

nicoleacy: oh ur sis! hehe tat means coming soon la..

stephene86: sure remember! same date as mine =)

Ghost said...

walao....u rmb all of them but u forgot mine 1 sad....didn't mention at all althought it pass edi...:(