Monday, June 30, 2008


I was watching this with Kar Hsin the other day at Pavilion.

Explosions, car chases (and doing flips even), shooting, slashing and lots of bloods. This what the movie is about. In the movie, these people don't shoot properly. Their sifu never teach them how to shoot a bullet straight. But instead, they curve their bullets.

These people called themselves the Fraternity, and this secret society was formed back in historical time of 2000 years ago. Scottish actor James McAvoy (Atonement, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) plays Wesley Gibson, who is a young accountant always keep bullied by his boss, best friend and girlfriend.
One day he was recruited into the Fraternity and trained to be an assassin. This guy however learned about the organization background and discovered something that has been hidden all these while.
Oh yeah, he has superpower too. Not that kind of Superman flying skill but it is actually his over-anxiety illness which somehow gives him the adrenaline and with that he could slow down the time and able to catch/avoid things in super fast speed.

See how this young office boy is to become an immorality assassin. And all the never-you-can-predict action he does with Angelina Jolie. Well, this is also the first time I see Angelina so sexy and pretty in a way. As a mother of four (and the fifth one soon), she is still kicking-ass. Not only she curves the bullet, she has the curve too.

Morgan Freeman plays the taiko of this society and interprets the killing order given by, apparently a cloth spinning machine. I know it sounds wierd. So these kakis under him were to kill according to the orders given.
What can I say? Go catch it in cinema now if you enjoy gun shooting and big explosions. Also check out the car stunt. It is really one of a kind. I rate 8/10 for the show and for all the actions.
Beware of rats... =p

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