Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'll be RM50 Richer

JUST checked my Nuffnang account. My advertisement earning has finally reached RM50!!!! Yeah!! RM50.80 to be exact. I registered Nuffnang since Christmas in 2008 2007 and ever since the advertisement thingy has been in my blog for 6 months (sometimes it does get disappear though). And when the earning has reached RM50, we can choose to cash out the money but I think I'll just keep it accumulate first. Wait till a lot only I will withdraw. Muahaha. Like that only feeling syok ma! XD

My nuffnang


Left four more days before heading back to JB. Aarrgh! all the nightmares will then begin. Measured drawing assignments!! I have never done anything since I came back from Negeri Sembilan. Except there was a few times that I opened the sketchup, edited the window conponents abit, orbit around the house, saved and closed the whole thing. That’s all for the measured drawing.

Most of the time, I will play Mahjong Titans and lately I started playing Chess Titans. I don’t play it the last cuz I don't really know how to play and I always have this fear that I’ll sure lose and the King will kena makan. But it’s not bad after all. Cuz there is always an ‘undo’ button. =p

Checkmate! Haha I'm white

However, there are some things that I am looking forward to when return to uni. I’ll get back to see my lovely course mates *wink*, moved to new hostel up the hill, staying and happing in the studio, drive around JB and Skudai, eating Choon Wah’s cookies, and going to Singapore! The motorshow will be in held September. Can't wait wow!
This few days I was busying with my car. Dad says that there is no need to spray the car since it is not worth it for an old car. Might as well save up the a few hundred to a thousand bucks and spend it on other beneficial stuff.

So I ended up spraying the car myself. Yea, DIY style. Of course I’m not gonna spray the WHOLE car. I'll die of toxic! Only a few patches that needed to be cover up.
As I am not the very artistic and patient guy in painting and colouring thing, as a result I erm…I give it a pass (by closing one eye). Aiyo, anything la. As long the patches are not there anymore =p

After, at the same spot
Some are just nice
But some part looks like cheap plaster
Up here also got
Hehe. But I am satisfy. Period.
I also polished the car. See how reflective it is *proud*

Tomorrow I will be heading to Puchong for a steamboat dinner with my friends at Shabu shabu. I can’t wait for that! Looking at the reviews from the internet, the place looks wonderful and the food tastes yummy. Tomorrow I shall puasa for half a day so that I’ll eat more during the steamboat. It’s RM25 per person for an all-you-can-eat meal.

There are other things that I wana eat before I go back. Few days back I saw an McD breakfast advertisement on the TV and suddenly feel like eating it. Also, the Starbucks breakfast meal. For only RM4.50 per set, it looks quite worth it for me! So right now what I’m going to do is to sleep early so that I will able to wake up early for the breakfast next day.
Free a cup of coffee
See ya guys again =)


Anonymous said...

jealous lo.. i also wan d 50 bucks...

Ghost said...

I registered Nuffnang since Christmas in 2008 and ever since the advertisement thingy has been in my blog for 6 months (sometimes it does get disappear though).............................WHY '2008' ..the x'mas for 2008 haven reach yet le...haha

Jimmy said...

hui-san: hehe. i waited for so long. soon ur time will come =)

ghost: whoops! terlebih sudah.. =p

Anonymous said...

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Mr PenyuBiru said...

im just start last month. still earning..maybe next year baru dapat kut..hehe