Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. CK

I was playing tennis with Chin Keng yesterday. It was a very last minute plan.
Introducing, Chin Keng

Ho Chin Keng, who came from Penang, is one of the youngest coursemate in our batch (He skipped STPM and took up matriculation instead). He always like to talk about girls and documentaries. Loves to sing and most importantly, he is currently still single! *wink*
Ball stucked

By the way, he has also just shaved his moustache yesterday which gave all of us a suprise. Compared to last time, he looks very much younger and 'cleaner' now. =p Before that he claimed that the mouthache would make him looked more mature.

See the difference?!
So what made him suddenly changed his mind?? I say that must be a girl. Haha.
While playing excitedly halfway through the game, I suddenly broke my racquet when trying to return the ball. No, I didn't hit very hard. There was already a small crack on the racquet when I brought it from home.
Luckily Hui San has two extra racquets. She got them from somewhere and has not try using it. So I asked her to lend me one and she too joined the game for awhile.
This is Miss Hui San
We ended the game at 7pm and gotta prepare for Malam Silaturahim after that. It would be a hip-hop theme for our batch and all of us had to dress up like one. And that, I will blog about it next time. I have to continue my studio work now.
Till then...

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szeling said...

Tell CK not to grow his moustache back.. keep it clean.. haha..