Saturday, July 12, 2008

1st DIY Meal in Hostel

TODAY my roommate and I have meehoon soup for dinner. Teck Yong recommended us a shop in Taman U which sells cheap foodstuff and we got all the stuff we needed this afternoon.
Deng deng!!
This semester Choon Wah brought a rice cooker and I brought a toaster as well as a portable gas stove. This will be easier for us to prepare delicious and healthy food in the room. And sometimes we don't have to go out and figuring what to eat.
The spices for the soup
This green singlet guy is my room mate

We also invited Chin Keng to join us eat.
Very nice aroma in the room!

Too bad we didn't have any chicken or meat to add in the soup. We just put fishball, taufu and some vegetables.
At the same time...
Wow, long face
Round one
OK. Nothing much to write. Just to post some photos and currently onlining in the studio. Suppose to do some work but ended up reading blogs, lepaking and MSNing.


Anonymous said...

yum yum... next time cook for me ya =)

QuaChee said...

nice set of photos. i think will be a good rememberence for you in the future :)