Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mister Tan Potato

ABOUT a month ago, I contested in the " How People 'Eat A Chip like Kenny Sia' ". I normally don't take part in any contests or lucky draws. That is mainly because I am not so lucky to win anything and I don’t have the effort to send so many entries and write interesting slogans etc. =p
The potatoes family

I remember the last time I took part in a contest was during primary school time. It was a quite an easy contest. Just answer two easy questions and complete a slogan. The winners will get to board the Superstar Vigro for X days X nights. That time I was very much into Star Cruises (and I am still right now hehe) so I tried to send in AN entry. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on my side then. Or maybe I didn’t send enough entries. Or maybe my primary school standard slogan wasn’t interesting enough. Maybe.. Haha..

So anyway, back to this Mister Potato contest, what we had to do was to take a photo of somebody/something eating the Mister Potato chips in an interesting and out of expected way. It has to be creative and funny. That's all.

The winner would get to travel to Bangkok with Kenny Sia and the trip is all paid by Mister Potato, worth up to RM5000!!! Who wouldn’t want that?!

And the rules of the contest were very simple:

1) No slogans. (I hate slogans).
2) Opened to Singaporeans and Malaysians (Yup I was born in here)
4) Just take photos (I have a camera and a tripod)
5) Get a Mister Potato (Not a problem)

And, I had the free time for it...
Me and potatoes

I’ve taken some photos, filtered and then selected some. Hmm, basically my message was to tell that the chips are so yummy and crunchy, I would like the potatoes to taste it themselves.

It was not until a few days ago has finally announce the winner. And compared to the rest of the entries, mine is like a cheapskate one. Totally not creative at all.

Some of the photos others had submitted:
The expression is very kennysia
I didn't know can use photoshop
Erm, where's the chip?
I wish I was at the bottom
Pity the boy

And my entry :
Try again next time lah. Free Bangkok trip gone...

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