Friday, July 04, 2008

DIY Pizza

NO more credit to call 1300-88-2525 for Pizza Hut delivery? Don't worry. Today Chef Jitty is going to teach all of you on how to make your own pizza. And you even can customize your own to suit your taste. Previously, the three steps pizza was just....too little steps. Now I am gonna elaborate a little. It's easy. No need special equipment, just get an oven.


First of all, these are what you have to get:

1. Roti Paratha. Make sure it is a plain one. This will the be pizza dough. Save up all the trouble to make the dough.

2. Shredded cheese. The most important recipe for a pizza. There might be other cheese but I choose this.

3. Cooked ham and frankfurter. I suggest one for each will be enough just for the size of roti paratha. I used two franfukter and ended up too much of toppings.

4. Bell pepper. Green or red is alright. I only used half of this.

5. Tomato sause. Can use the McDonald's one if don't have this bottle type. But if there is none, go buy one. Do not squeeze the tomatoes.

Okay, first heat up the roti by using a pan. I didn't put any oil or butter cuz later on the cheese and ham will have oil with it. So just heat it up. That's all.
Heat until both sides of the roti turn golden brown. Crunch crunch! Once it is done, leave it aside. Don't eat the roti yet.
Something like this
Secondly, prepare the green pepper by slicing it into thin pieces. Just agak-agak the amount you want.

Next, put the ham into the pan and let it cooked for awhile. Don't have to be very long cuz the ham is already cooked. Add some butter to make it smell nicer.

Once it is done, cut the ham into small squarish pieces. Leave it aside.

Then broiled the green pepper and frankfurter in water.

When the water is boiling, they are ready to be taken out.
Moving on, slice the frankfurter into pieces.
Like this

And leave all the toppings (ham, green pepper and frankfurter) aside.
Now on the roti, pour some tomato sause.

Be careful not to watch Maria Ozawa student shake too much. You don't want too much sause on the pizza.
Incorrect way. Too fast.
And spread it around evenly with a spoon.

After that, place the toppings on top of the roti. You can put whatever thing you want. Eg, pineapple, mushroom, chicken meat, bacon, onions, carrots, eggplant, tuna, peanuts. garlic, corn etc. As I said earlier, it's all depend on what you like. =)
And sprinkle some cheese on top. The more cheese, the cheesier and stickier it will be.

And you are ready to eat. Enjoy! =)
Bon appetite

Hehe. Just kidding. Of course you gotta bake it first before you could it. First, preheat the oven. Let it be warm and hot. I set it for about three minutes.
Place the pizza inside when it is ready.

Normally I set the timer to about 5 minutes. And only heat the upper part of the oven. This is just to melt the cheeeese on top.

Waiting for the 'DING!' sound.

And Voila! The Jitty DIY pizza is ready to be served.

Opps, I think I just put too much of the toppings =p So ended up the cheese doesn't really stick to the roti. Maybe I should have put another layer of cheese on the tomato sause. And the cheese were not evenly spreaded/melted.

Anyway, I was hungry I just chomped the whole thing. And believe me, it was really filling!
Not forgeting Kampung Koh chili sause =p
This is just a little experience to share with you guys. Hope it might be helpful. =)


Anonymous said...

yumyum... can make 1 for me in studio? thz lo

Jenny said...

cheh...i was jz about to ask u " why no need to put into oven??"....

hmm..maybe i'm going to buy a toaster oven instead of rice cooker this sem..and make lots and lots of pizza...welcome to my new hostel room if u want pizza...haha...

Jimmy said...

hui-san: can. u prepare for me the ingredients la =)

jenny: haha. gotcha :p aiyo, jz bring to studio la..