Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's Play Ball

YESTERDAY I joined Chiou Yann and Han Chee for a morning exercise. Hui San couldn't make it as she quite tired already. I am a very lazy guy when come to sports especially but the studio and measured drawing works are giving me too much of headache so I needed a time to get rid all of it, even for just a few hours.

We planned to meet up at 8am at the K12 hostel since there is a tennis court there. Han Chee was already there when I arrived. That was the first time I felt that I did something healthy in UTM.
The court
Chiou Yann arrived
Getting ready

We did some warm up before started playing tennis. As there were only two racquets, Han Chee went for a jog when Chiou Yann and I was playing. And then we swapped. We are all noobs so there were no rules. As long the ball was hit and bounced. But of course there is a proper way to hold the racquet otherwise the arm will be pain after that. Tennis isn't like badminton.

Some shots taken:

ACY and me
Ah, I look so pro =p
Come, my ball

And some pose:
Support No. 28!
Sportwoman of the day
After an hour of game, we stopped for a break. Haha but after too much of rest we were too tired to continue anymore. Well, not too bad for a starting day already.
The girls
And as for breakfast, we headed to McDonald's. After some running and sweat, it felt so comfortable to dropped by there for a meal and it felt exactly like we were in East Coast after our bicycle ride in Singapore. Ahh, I miss Singapore.
Our breakfast
Bluek~! =p

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Jenny said...

oh my gawd...han chee look sooo man....muahahaha....