Monday, July 21, 2008

No Point

FUH, damn emo now. Suddenly feel like I am all alone. The night is dark and the corridor is quiet. Moments ago I was quite excited about something but now it has all gone. I can choose to take the path but I am still hesitating. I dunno if it's right. Arrggh... I am tired stucked in this course. Seeing others so happy and I am dunno what I am doing. If I've given a choice I might wana stop now. But of course my family will be very dissapointed with me. I don't have to mood to do all these anymore. Design, crits, photoshop, sketchup etc. I wana go somewhere. I wana find something to laugh. I wana go see other things. I wana find someone to shared my thoughts. Sometimes, life is hard. It's all a mess right now. I wish I can just lie down and continue my dream, and I don't wana wake up forever ='(

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