Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Sem, New Kolej

THE new semester has begun and I am back to JB again. It’s been three days since uni started but the mood is still like being at home. Don’t really feel like doing anything yet. Assignments are already on though.
During one of a sieness class
Some things are gonna be different this semester. I am no longer staying in the kolej (hostel) I used to stay for the past two years. From this sem onwards, priorities are given to the international students before we could grabbed any room in that kolej (where I used to stay).
Therefore, most of us ended up staying far away this year. Despite all the services fees that we paid, the uni feeder bus is so unreliable. There will be problems if we do not have our own transportation. Especially for us who always stay in the studio till late at night.
My new room
Kolej Tun Ghafar Baba (or K15) is where I am staying right now. At the same time, my roommate Choon Wah and I am trying to apply back to our previous hostel which is much more nearer to our faculty.
I blog from here
There are advantages staying on the 5th floor actually. I don’t have to worry about closing the window and people climbing in at night. The view from the room is wonderful. Greenery hill, trees, and over looking part of the housing area nearby. Not forgetting the unpolluted air and the cool weather up here. But of all them, what I like most is the desk in the room. It is big and most suitable for people to have many stuff and lazy to tidy up, like me! Hehe.
Staying at the 5th level
Last time I only have to spend 10 minutes walking to the faculty but right now driving to the faculty is a 5 km journey. And with the increase of petrol price lately some more!! Moreover, I gotta wake up a bit earlier for morning classes compared to last time.
View from the room
But this moment I have no problem with that, everyday wake up in time and get ready for class. Even has time for morning breakfast in the room. But as the semester goes on, I guess that will be a different story anymore. =p
Another view of the window


NicoleACY said...

So syok ah... Can online in room. The connection fast or not?

Jimmy said...

nicoleacy: not bad la. last night was super fast. can even watch trailers and youtube =)