Monday, July 14, 2008

My Heart Will Always Go On

This is me playing the piano during the last semester break. Some slight mistakes though. Anyway just enjoy! =)


TITANIC has always been one of my favourite movie and I still very much like it. I first watched it when I was still in my primary school times. Standard 5 if I'm not wrong.
My wallaper at the moment

The ship itself attracted me sooo much that at one time I even searched for the the model and printed out all its blueprints, trying to imagine myself inside the Titanic. I watched the VCD repeatedly just to find out on which location in the ship they shot the scene. That was maniac! But seriously the ship is amazing.
Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912

I once read in an article saying that a shipbuilder company would build exactly another Titanic and would be ready to launch in year 2002. Sadly, there was no news after that... =(
Look how nice it is

Even when it sinks also very sexy. So high.
Hopefully one day I'll have the chance to build its model
There are some memorable place or scene in the movie which explains why I still very much like Titanic. The Grand Staircase, one of the grandest and most unforgetable spot in the ship. With all the wooden furnishes and a large glass dome above it, this was where Jack and Rose met before the dinner.
The grand staircase

Of course. There is also another scene in Titanic where many of us will always remember . That was after the dinner and dancing, when Rose asked Jack to draw a picture of herself, wearing ONLY the necklace. Wow, very tempting moment!

The actual drawing was drawn by the director himself

Last time we would always refer it as the hamsap scene and people watched Titanic because they wanna see the drawing part. Haha. How funny when think back of it. Back then I tried to sketch the same drawing but it turned out not so nice as I hoped. Maybe I should try again anytime soon. Ehem, anyone willing to be my model? =p

A movie of love, tragedy and drawing naked picture, Titanic will always be my favourite.


Jenny said...

no wonder u picked the topic "movie" juz nw...-_-lll

NicoleACY said...

U r very hiao lo... Hiao lou... :P