Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back from Heaven

IT is now the exam weeks in UTM but my paper is on the 16th and 19th. Few of my course mates already went back to their hometown including my roommate. Life is kinda slow and dull here. Although there is still an assignment for us to submit but nobody knows when is the exact submission date so we just assume it’ll be on the last day of the exams.

There's still about a week of break before the paper and so the few of us plan to go Singapore...again. This time we are going to the East Coast Park and will be also going to Vivo City since Han Chee never been there before.

On Thursday morning, we took a bus to JB, which then we walked to the immigration and took the bus no.170 to Singapore. Tiong stopped at Kranji station as he was going to meet his friend there while the rest of us (me, Jenny, Chiou Yann and Han Chee) headed straight to the city.

The girls feeling excited
First we went to the Bras Basah Complex because two friends asked me to buy them a draughting tube each from there. It is a lot more cheaper (only S$6.90) compared to M’sia (close to RM30). Unfortunately the shop was closed because that day was Deepavali.

And oh, happy *belated* Deepavali to my Indian friends!

So we just walked around the look at some books at the book stores in the complex. There are a lot of architecture books there but they are so freaking expensive. I wanted to buy a book of Photoshop CS3 cuz it looked so interesting with many fun tutorials and tricks but the price is about S$60. I think I’ll try to look for it in Malaysia’s book stores.

As a loyal and truthful fan of Jay Chou, Jenny bought an OST of ‘Secret’ which costs S$24, including a booklet a photos from the movie. I bought a 2008 table calendar which has a very nice collection of pictures which I planned to give to Jim during his birthday. I am sure he likes it very much. Haha. Cuz Malaysia won’t sell those kind of calendar =p
JayNy's OST
Then, we wanted to go to the national library located just beside but it never opened. Sigh.

So we took the MRT headed to Vivo City and went straight to the food court. We were already starving. It was my second time there. The first time I went there, the place totally caught my attention. The food court really has a nice interior setting - wooden doors and antic roof tiles. Like those olden times era. It just brings out the nostalgic feeling.

My grandma sure very hapy to be here
There has all the most deliclious food all over Singapore. So next time try to have a visit there if you come to Vivo City, or Singapore. However the price here is slightly higher than other foodcourt.
Dim sum for S$11
After meal we went out to the rooftop to enjoy the view and snapped some photos. It was time for me to use my newly bought tripod. Hehe. Across us is the Sentosa integrated resort by Genting which is currently under construction. After completion is 2010 there will be a Universal Studio there. Wow, I can’t wait for that!
Some photos on Vivo's rooftop:

There was a ship docked there. I think it is from Japan. Some Asian Youth Organisation thingy.

Also seen there, the Sentosa monorail. I never ride on that before.

At bout 6pm, we met up with Tiong and his friend and we gathered at the book stores for awhile. Started to camwhore:
"Hmm..let me see that carefully again"

I wonder how many master bedroom does he have?

Opps..too close

Better. But what's with that expression?!
After that we went to this Japanese shop which sell its every item for S$2. The shop is packed as if the things FOC there. I managed to buy myself a facial mask. Haha. You know, sometimes I need some relaxation in the hostel too.
Night view at the upper deck

Originally, our plan was to have dinner at Holland Village but all of us seemed to be very tired. So the girls went back to Jurong and Tiong and I together with his friend went to Toa Poyah for dinner. Tiong ate quite a lot that day. After sending his friend to the MRT station, Tiong and I went back to my aunt’s house. We slept quite early that night without even taking our shower.
Next morning got up at 6.30am and went to meet with the girls at Tiong Bahru MRT station.

This is a kid about to leave his kampong to find a living in a big city to the Toa Payoh MRT station:
*I'm leaving...*
*tie shoelaces*

*continue journey...*

I promise to return when I earn enough. *Feeling tough*




Crap la!

From Tiong Bahru we took bus no.16 to Marine Parade. After that gotta walked across a underpass to get to the East Coast.
In the bus
First we headed to McD for breakfast. I ordered the pancake with sausage set+apple pie and a cappuccino latte.
For so long I never have a proper breakfast already

It was almost 10am when we finished our meal. We went to a shop and rent a bicycle each. S$7 for two hours. There is also inline skating but didn’t have the time for that. The weather was not that bad on that day. Overall the place is quite nice and windy. You can have picnic, build a tent, BBQ at night and there are also chalets. Singapore government really provides good facilities for their citizen.
Lai lai lai! Mari mari!

Many types of bicycle to choose. Including a 2-seater one

Stuffing gold inside the locker
Here we go...

There was a jetty on the other end. And photos again =)
L-R: Tiong, Han, Yann, Jenny and I
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Once I caught a fish alive

6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Then I let it go again

From the viewing tower

Going down the ramp

Taking some model pics
Loving the nature
After two hours of cycling, with approximate distance of 8km, we returned our bike to the shop and went to 7-11 to buy some drinks. Very very thirsty and exhausted already!

Sit for awhile and played Uno at the McD seating area. Then we went back to the city by bus no.16.
Like travelling at overseas. But memang oversea what. Haha.

How come Malaysia don't have this ar?

She can sleep everywhere in any position

We got down at one place and walked to a complex called The Cathay, hoping to find a food course cuz that’s the only place we could afford. Hehe. Unfortunately there isn’t any food court there. Only individual eating outlets.

So we walked again and found a Kopitiam food court nearby. On the way, stopped at the Rendezvous Hotel as Tiong wanna exchange some S$.

After lunch, wanted to head back to the place to buy the draughting tubes but the time would be quite rush so we decided to go back to uni instead. Han Chee has got studio session on that night.
The moment we came back to JB, one word to describe - disappointed. Everything turned into the opposite. At the immigration counter, no guards bother to stamp the passport and check our luggage. Even the luggage scanning machines is written there ‘Sudah Rosak’. What a shame!

And when we came out from the immigration, there are people by the roadside selling cigarettes as if wanna sell drugs. Trashes along street. Indons and Bangladeshi workers gathered around the city. Smoke and honks from the bus. Everything just make you feel so unsafe and sick.

Yes. I am back to hell.

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lol my luggage was never checked by customs in KLIA looo... So I can basically bring anythingggg and they wouldn't knowwww!! Lol.. but this time going thru singapore for transit..sien la.. Now I'll say I like our customs MUCH better...