Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Birthday

In the month of June, it was the birthday season back in KL. When I am in the university, many of my coursemates' birthday falls on the month of October and November.

And today is Han Chee's birthday, one of our coursemate who lives with a pair of long legs.
Gift ceremony in the studio

Doesn't she look the the female lead (小雨) from the latest Jay Chou's movie 'Secret' 《不能说的秘密》?

Well, at least abit lah. We always call her 'Xiao Yu' and sometimes she will always tell us that we cannot see her. And so we must pretend not to see her. Those who watch the movie will get what I mean. =p

Anyway, she's already booked. So give up to those Jay Chou wanabe.

Choon Wah, Chiou Yann, Jenny and I shared a birthday gift, a very BIG 'sweet' for her. Hehe. Hopefully she doesn't drop her teeth soon. Once again happy birthday!

"What's inside la?"

Jean and Sing Ning's birthday coming soon....

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