Wednesday, November 14, 2007


RECENTLY I've been addicted to this series called 'Kami'. It has been aired over 8TV during the past month but I got the download version from a friend. It is a Malaysian Malay mini series and usually I don't watch Malaysian series. However this show somehow attracted me. It is a short series with only less than 10 episode. The storyline is rather interesting. And it is all shot locally.

Basically it's about a girl from a village who moved to KL with her single mum and met up with a bunch of friends who comes from different background. And one of them is quite cute. Malay tak macam Malay. I think she's mix. Hehe. This series also features one thing that become the main connection between all the characters - the Gig or a local rock concert.

Personally I don't quite fancy the rock bands. They are noisy, disturbing, crazy etc. But after watching this maybe it's not so bad after all. Anyway, what attracted me is the plot and how the director and editor made the show in such a way that all the things happened in the first few episode were actually on the same timeline but on different characters and from different perception.

And of course, it also talks about school life. Don't know why I like shows that has to do with school/high school/college life. Maybe cuz of the schoolgirls I guess. =p
Two of the girls from the show

Ahh...I just miss my school life with uniform.

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