Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cheap Until Pants Drop

YUP. 便宜到脱裤子!

I just had one of the cheapest seafood dinner in my life. Just now Han Chee called for makan and Tiong came to pick Choon Wah and I up at our hostel. The six of us (with Hui San and Chiou Yann) then headed to Kafe 05 Restaurant in Taman Pulai Perdana. Since today the restaurant is celebrating its 1st anniversary, most of the seafood served there are only half of its original price.

50% off

Therefore, we ordered prawn, fish, lala, tofu, a vege and it totalled up to RM48.10. Which is only RM8 per person!! OMG. The duck rice we ate this morning was also at the same price. So can you imagine how my pants dropped?!

lesson: always wear a belt when going for a cheap dinner.


Today after my last paper I watched another show I got from Jim - P.S. I Love You.

I'm not sure when it was released but it is a really touching show. I admit I teared during some part of the movie. You know, people just come and go. And sometimes you get a little suprise in life. Basically that's what the story about.

Not to say much. It is recommended! =)

ps: i like you


siAn siAN said...

wow..so good that u can eat seafood in that price..hehe..
suprise to c u in cynthia's blog..
how long we din meet each other???
after form 6 right??
how's life??
4 hours a day to sleep??
or less than that??
jia you jia you..

Cynthia Yong said...

i like the movie too!

Gromit said...

one blog title talking two different things?

seafood, show me the map.thanks OH!

Jimmy said...

sian sian: it's been a long time since we last met. i still rmber seeing u during pik shen's 21st bday party. rmber? =)

cynthia: real nice!

gromit: it's jz a random post. ok, i'll put it if i hav the time =)