Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forgetting blablabla

THE History of Modern Architecture paper is in eight hours’ time and I just finished watching a movie here on my laptop. Hehe. Can’t help it. Copied so many movies from Jim the other day and I can’t resist my temptation. I feel like finishing everything before going back to KL.

The movie was ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. A romantic comedy. The title didn’t sound attracting for me at first but it turned out quite an entertaining movie.

So here’s how it went:

- Guy and girl been hanging out for 5 years.
- Girl is a famous actress and guy is a sound composer for her drama.
- One day, girl asked for a split. Guy heartbroke, obviously.
- Guy went Hawaii for an escape. (Un)fortunately met girl at the same place.
- And girl was hanging out with new guy.
- Guy became even moody seeing both his ex and her new guy enjoying their own sweet time.
- There, the guy met new girl. And chemistry happened.
- Meanwhile, girl been having problems with new guy. She realized her mistake to leave her ex at the beginning.
- However…too late.

You know, story like that. But of course, the ending is for you to find out.

So what you waiting for? Come get the show from me. =)

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Cynthia Yong said...

i watched this movie. its really funny!