Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Did Not Stare At Boobs

UPDATE: Guess what? I found another Jimmy Zhai here. Hehe.

INTERNET is a wonderful network. It can able to link web pages and photos that we've uploaded from all over the globe within seconds.

See what I found on someone's site yesterday. Not only he took my photos without permission, he even edited it and made me looked like a victim.

Victim for staring at boobs -_-'

Click here to see his site.

The original photo was taken when I was visiting the Singapore Art Gallery and the National Museum where there was an exhibition on Greek Masterpieces going on.

Great. Now I am speechless.


wai luen said...

huh? do u know the guy who stole ur pic and posted it in his blog?

Jimmy said...

i duno him who is he. i only found out about that when i traced back to his url from nuffnang. sick man!

stephene86 said...

walao bad bad bad!!!!!! can't be like that ler!!!

Jimmy said...

innocent =(