Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What the Hell Happen?

DO not watch ‘The Happening’! I just watched that few days ago with my roommate and it totally sucked. Really not worth it if you were to watch in the cinema. Money and time wasting I tell you.
Tipu orang punya poster
Although it has great cast like Mark Wahlberg whom is quite well-known in movies like The ltalian Job and Shooter (and upcoming game-based film Max Payne), in this movie he is totally ‘kayu’.

I dunno what happen?
Great cast, lousy plot

Basically the idea of how humans got toxicated by the plants (for not appreciating the nature) is something out of ordinary. That’s what M.Night Shayamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village) always does in his movies. However the whole movie plot doesn’t really make sense especially the last part when they were in the old woman house. And when during the casts communicate between far apart through an underground pipe, they talk shit wtf!

Okay I shall not go into so much detail on that.

So what happen in the end?

I rate it 2/10.

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